#SBSummit Road Trip: Our First Night at a Campsite

Our first night at a campsite had us arriving at dusk, with barely enough light to get the tent set up. Within minutes of being outside of the car, we were all dripping sweat and red faced. I found it difficult to breathe, and it’s no wonder. We were in the middle of Illinois with 90% humidity and temperatures in the eighties overnight.

Doesn’t paint a pretty picture does it? And to top it off, we had to give my son his medicine that makes him go to the bathroom and he ended up overflowing his pull-up, wetting the entire quilt we were sleeping on as well as some of our pillows (eeww!).

After only getting about two hours of sleep, and dawn approaching, I was ready for a shower and to get on the road away from that heat. It was only later I learned that there was actually a heat warning for that area from the National Weather Service. So we all woke up at 6am, showered and hit the road.

Good times.... #sbsummit

So now you find me typing to you from a laundromat in the middle of Missouri to clean up our bed linens and pillows that were so rudely soaked the night before. We’re on our way to Kansas, and hoping for a much better night tonight where it is only supposed to be 30% humidity. If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it’s a high humidity percentile. It just makes everything miserable.

While our first night camping out didn’t go so well, I’m hoping the next few days will be better. We are planning to camp out in Kansas at another campsite, but after last night, I’m seriously considering just stopping at a motel. To be continued…

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  1. Sorry about your disastrous first night camping! I live in Central Illinois and the heat index was 110 the last 2 days so I know exactly how you feel! The humidity around here is absolutely crazy. Definitely not a good time to be camping OR in the garden, which is exactly where I was in the afternoon…..yuck!

  2. Oh boy. I saw your packing list and I didn’t think I saw a fan . . . or two . . . or three! You can get sort of a cross breeze going if you can catch any sort of breeze. Tent camping in high summer is risky, potentially miserable business. I’m in Illinois and we tent camp in May and October, and usually get decent weather, though one October it was in the high 90’s, and hot enough to swim at the beach . . . which was closed. LOL

    Good luck, and now that you are out of Illinois, wouldn’t you know . . . it’s in the 70’s today! LOL

    • LOL! Well we did bring one small fan but it didn’t do much good. Our second night was a lot better, and I’ll have an update coming on that soon.

  3. Sounds like a pretty rough night! I live in southeastern VA and the humidity is pretty awful here, too. And we live right on the Chesapeake Bay/Atlantic Ocean so it shouldn’t be that bad! My daughter actually gets sick in the summer because of all the heat so it’s really hard to do anything. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!

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