#SBSummit Road Trip: Staying in a Pioneer Cabin

Pioneer Cabin

Once the Savvy Blogging Summit was over and I was no longer focused on business, we regretfully left the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. I was so sad to leave this beautiful resort, as I had had no time to enjoy it like the kids and Daddy. I came to the room late at night to hear stories of how they took a boat out on the water, played at the pool and the playground, saw zoo animals in the lobby and more.

Turtle at Cheyenne Mountain Resort

But, I am thankful that they had so many fun things to do while I was working with bloggers and brands. The last night of the Summit, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and got the VIP tour to pet the animals. I loved spending this precious time with my kids, but also having all my blogging friends meet my kids was a treat as well.

Feeding Giraffes

Peacock Feather at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Now it was onto our next destination. We waved goodbye to Colorado Springs and drove out to Texas Creek, Colorado to stay in a Pioneer Cabin for two days.

On the way out Rachel from Surviving the Stores and I stopped at a Safeway and got some goodies for a fun dinner. Her family was there, and we all went to the cabin for a fun meal of hot dogs and smores. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had smores, and I don’t think my kids had ever tried them (we are organic and natural around here, you know!). It was a nice treat and a fun time with friends.

Eating Hot Dogs

That night we said goodbye to our friends (miss you Rachel!), and we enjoyed a leisurely time by the river. There was no cell phone service, and no internet service….

I was completely cut off! At first this was a little bit difficult for me because I had planned to be blogging about what was going on the entire time, but then we just got into the groove of livin’ the lazy life on the river in Colorado.

We crossed a wobbly bridge, cooked food from scratch, sun-bathed by the river, washed clothes by hand, threw rocks into the river (for some reason my kids thought this was the best fun!), and enjoyed such precious moments as a family.

The Bridge

Eating at the Cabin

Lazy Day

Drying Clothes

Throwing Rocks

It ended way to soon, but after a week and a half of being away from home, we were ready to make the trek back home to Georgia.


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