Secret Santa Blogger Challenge: Can You Give For Under $15?

This year a couple of other blogger and myself decided to do a Secret Santa with each other, to show our readers how they can give gifts for $15 or less. Out of everyone in our group, I got to give a gift to a young guy (Frugal Finders), getting ready to go to college soon. “Oh boy,” I thought (takes a deep breath). “Okay, I can do this…”

I knew he liked Starbucks, so I snatched up a $5 gift card for him. I wanted to do a little more, but I had to stay under the $15 mark.

So I got him one of my favorite things to get for people every year. These big plush throws from Kohl’s have a normal price tag of $39.99, and they are some of the comfiest throws I’ve ever cozied up on the couch with. They went on sale for $8.99 on Black Friday. So after a coupon, grabbing some other things I needed to get and getting Kohl’s cash back, the throw cost me around $5 plus tax.

Total cost for his gift came to right under $11. Now he has a cozy warm blanket for college and, of course, coffee! That’s really all you need for college anyway, right?

And these earrings are the gift I received. The gift came from Hautelook, and cost less than $15! Somehow Living Well, Spending Less knew my favorite color, too!

If it’s turquoise, then it’s pretty much guaranteed I will like it.

These are just two ways you can get gifts for under $15 this year. I’ve got the full list of bloggers and the deals we all got coming up soon, so stay tuned!

How do you get gifts for $15 or less?

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  1. So far, I’ve gotten two pairs of (new, unused) socks from Goodwill for my recipient and they were $1 per pair. I have a skein of sock yarn for her that is $3.99. I’m going to make her a potholder with daisies on it (pennies for the materials), and I’m going to pick up some specialty chocolates.

  2. We set a $20 limit this year when we drew names with one side of my family (so it’s over your $15), but there is so much that you can do. For my $20.89 I was able to order a pair of silver earrings from etsy and bought two cookbooks–one is new from Barnes and Noble and one was “like new” from one of their sellers (shipping WAS included in my total price). I’m also throwing in a cookbook from kitchen because it was on her wishlist. She won’t care that it’s used.

  3. Crystal –
    Your hair is gorgeous in that picture! One idea of items we have asked for our children from the grandparents are some “treasures” from when we were a kid (i.e. my MIL saved all my husbands legos, so we asked if she could wrap those up for our son).

  4. Nice! (Your finds for Frugal Finders) I got one of my sons that same blanket from the Kohl’s deal! Scored some good buys at Target on similar bedding for my other son that went off to college this year.
    And, Turquoise is definitely your color!
    I love a frugal challenge! Also, (not regarding the star bucks card but, like, store cards, etc.) my son and I were talking yesterday about gift cards as gifts, and he thinks it says “you’re worth this much” or “I have no idea what to get you.” but I don’t mind receiving them at all! As far as giving, though, I love finding deals that allow you to give “more” than you “could have” if you were to just give cash or buy a gift card. Does that make sense?

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