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Ebates is partnering with Blog Frog, eight other bloggers and myself to have a Frugal Living Community available for people to connect and talk about all things frugal.  I’ve never really done a “how-to” post for Ebates, so this seems like a great time to talk a little bit more about how it works and how you can use it to save money online.

Cash Back Shopping

If you can place an order on a website, then chances are you can get some cash back on your purchase.  The cash back is usually posted to your account within a few days of your order, and Ebates sends you an email notification.  Cash back  varies by website, and can be anywhere from 1%-30% cash back.

Link Tracking

In order to receive your cash back, you must go through Ebates’ link for that website.  This places a cookie on your computer that allows Ebates to track your purchases.  If go through another website’s link after having gone through Ebates’ link, the cookie will be disabled and you will not get your cash back.  That is why it is very important that Ebates’ link is the last one you go through before placing your order(s).

Daily Double Deals

Each day Ebates has Daily Double deals that give you double cash back on your purchases.  So this is something you should watch for, because you can save a significant amount of money by shopping on Daily Double Days.


You can share your unique Ebates referral link online and with friends, and you both get a one-time $5 bonus when your friend makes a purchase through Ebates.  You can also qualify for referral bonuses when you refer a certain amount of people.  Right now Ebates is offering a free iPad if you refer 50 people that purchase orders over $20.

Got any questions?  I’m happy to answer them here in the comment section. Sign-up with Ebates here and start making cash back on all your online shopping.  And be sure to chat with both Allie from Ebates and myself in the Frugal Living Community.

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