How I Shopped for Black Friday – And the Deals I Pick Up Every Year

I hope you had fun and stayed safe this Black Friday. I approach Black Friday the same way every year. I usually buy a couple of things online that I don’t want to fight people over at the store, and then I roll out to the stores between 8-10 on Black Friday to pick up a few various things that most people don’t go for.

What I get is not something a lot of people think about during the Black Friday craziness, but I aim for it every single year. I pick up the $20 Fraser Firs and $.99 poinsettias at The Home Depot or Lowe’s every single Black Friday. It’s become our family tradition to go pick out a tree this way and it saves us a lot of money on a tree. And they let me take as many trimmings as I wanted for free that I’ll be using for wreaths and other decorations.

Now you may be thinking that I could save more by having a fake tree. But I prefer the live ones because they make the house smell wonderful, and naturally filter the air during the cold months when we are all cooped up inside.

This year we picked up one extra thing at The Home Depot: this electric heater in the form of a faux wood stove.

Heater deal


Isn’t it beautiful? It covers up that unsightly hole in my fireplace, and adds some “emotional warmth” as well as physical warmth to the house. It was on sale for $59 down from $99 on Black Friday.

Other than those things, I picked up a $7.99 dog bed (normally $30) from getting free 2-day shipping with my ShopRunner account. And I also picked up a fantastic gift at Kohl’s I’ll be using for a Secret Santa I’m doing with some other bloggers (more to come on this later!).

Those are my deals. What goodies did you get this Black Friday?

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  1. Because I decided I didn’t want to get out of my PJs at 5 AM (or cut my holiday short by going out at 9 on Thanksgiving), I missed the one deal I wanted but I really was ok with that. Later in the morning, around 9:30, I ambled out to CVS, Walgreens, and Staples. I got the $4.99 bluetooth that my husband’s been needing since he broke the one I got him last Black Friday. And the GPS my mom wants, at a great price. And toilet paper/diapers/lotion that we just needed anyway. In the evening I went on and took advantage of the BF sale there, to stock up on diapers my toddler needs and a few covers for our baby due in Feb. The rest of my gifts are being handmade this year. I love not being crazy about BF and I want to thank you, Crystal, for reminding me that you can enjoy the deals without leaving your home. I got a lot more rest that way.

  2. I used an amazon gift card I got via swagbucks to get some viewmaster reels for under $5 (but free to me) and bought a silver plated necklace for a dollar at 1saleaday. I didn’t leave the house. I did, however, wrap a big chunk of the presents I already have stashed in the closet. I’ve been working on Christmas since May. That’s much cheaper for me than Black Friday ever was.

  3. I got tvs and a camera for my 3 girls ~ all online at home at midnight in my jammies! (and, I set the alarm to wake me back at 11:55) ~ so not doing the crazy crowds anymore. I did do the whole BF thing for years, but I’m over it!! I got some great deals later in the morning at CVS, but I didn’t even go there for them ~ just saw them when I went for a birthday card and travel size toothpaste!! hee hee ~ Today I went to Kohl’s ~ still great deals, got a few jewelry stocking stuffers and a pair of jeans for my daughter. Done! =)

  4. I went to CVS on Thanksgiving – got $50ish worth of product for $.87, and left with 9 ECB for next time (started with 6!). I went to Old Navy mid-morning BF and got $12 fleece jackets, $15 jeans and some other good deals. I also did the Kohls deal for the cast iron dutch oven for $12.99 that you posted about! thank you :)

  5. Stayed home. But the day before I went to CVS-lots of free stuff! And ordered on line off kohs for a great deal on a floor cleaner-no chemicals needed-yeah!, washclothes and a a coffee cup lol. plus some free stuff on line-yeah!

  6. We were on the same page! I got .99 poinsettas and a $59 heater from Lowes (different brand but looks pretty similar). We also picked up $19 fireproof/waterproof safes for gift exchanges. Then I went to Petsmart and combined coupons with the half off sale. I am glad I am not the only one shopping these sales :) At least our BF was stress-free! :)

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