Shoppers Triple Coupons

Shoppers is tripling coupons this week up to .99!  Meaning every coupon .99 and under will triple! WOW!  I wish I had a Shoppers.  They seem to  be localized to Northern Virginia and Maryland.  To find the store nearest you go HERE.

Thanks Frugal in Virginia!

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  1. Went in today, hoping for great savings…Shoppers prices are SO HIGH that even when they double your coupons, in most cases, you can shop somewhere else with NO coupons and get a better deal. They truly must watch what coupons are about to be released, but unlike other stores who help to maximize your savings, they raise their regular price to a ridiculous amount, making unsuspecting couponers only think they are getting a huge discount. PS: Since when is one small bag of cat food over $6???????? The same bag was 2.59 at our regular store…

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