Shopping Superstars – Break Before Burnout

It was another week of fruits, veggies and quick essentials like milk and bread for us.  But hang on, because I plan on doing some big stock up trips this coming week.  Shopping and stocking up in bulk allows me to take a week or sometimes more off from major coupon shopping, so that I only have to pick up a few essentials while we eat from our stockpile.  This helps me avoid coupon “burnout,” and we still save money while also getting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do you ever feel like you get coupon burnout?  I know I do!  Best advice I have for it, is to take a break, and then get back in the game!

Total Spent this week: $20


Are you a superstar when it comes to shopping? I can’t wait to see the deals you snagged! Please link directly to your posts and not the main page of your website. Don’t have a blog? That’s okay. Tell us how you did in the comment section.So that we stay encouraging and inspiring for others, this post is meant for deals that you personally were able to get. Posts that are mainly promoting affiliate links or spamming will be deleted. Thanks! No Giveaways please!

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  1. I have a question about last week’s SS insert. I bought 4 papers and i only had one SS out of all 4 papers. Then as i was getting ready to clip them, all had expired like it was an old SS. Is that weird?

    Who can i contact about getting missed/expired inserts? i would like to get my inserts bcause i pd for them .. hmmm .. help

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