Shopping Superstars: Bulk Grains & My Groupon Deal Arrived!

This week I bought a 50 pound bag of grains for $36.  After tax, it turns out to be .75 cents per pound of organic wheat that I turn into flour with my mill:

Bulk Wheat

Grinding Wheat

And remember all those Nutty Guys deals on Groupon? Well, my $12 in organic nuts and dried fruit arrived yesterday:

Nutty Guys Groupon Order

I got organic cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds and apricots (yum!).

So how did you all do this week?  Share in the comment section or with the linky. I can’t wait to see the deals you all snagged!  No spam please, thanks!

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  1. I rec’d my “Nutty Guys” order this past week also. What a great place to purchase! Not only was the French Vanilla Almond & Wild Blueberry-Flax Granola fantastic, we had the Toffee Covered Peanuts which were really great also! Included in our order was a 50% off thank you coupon for our next order of nuts. Being the granola was so good, and didn’t last long, we returned another order to the Nutty Guys. Expecting it next week for delivery.
    Thank you Groupon for all that you do for us out here in consumerland!

  2. Hey Crystal, I just happened to stop by your site today only to find out that you had purchased some wheat berries. I am curious as to where you bought them. I assume somewhere in GA, I would be interested to know since I also am in GA and my source for buying wheat is a good 2 hour drive. I would expect the same from where you purchased your grain, but would like to compared costs. I haven’t bought any in a while because the last time I did, someone gave me 2 fifty pound buckets like a week later and we are just now finishing that up. However, my last purchase for fifty pounds was only $17. But again, that has been like 2 1/2 years ago. – Thanks GA Peach (not GA Poetry)

  3. I did not snag any good deals this week. However, I wanted to post and tell you that I like the pictures you took. I have been trying to take pics for my blogs and they do not turn out clear like these! You must have a really nice camera. Sorry for the off topic post!

    • Hey Crystal! I am using the Canon Digital XSi. A must for taking quality pics…especially for a not so camera savvy person like me.

  4. I rec’d my order from Nutty Guys. I will be placing my next order with . I ordered a lot of dried fruit from the Nutty Guys and it was way too sugary for me. The mango tastes like candy.

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