Shopping Superstars: Bulk Purchasing Experiment Continues

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I’m experimenting with bulk organic food purchases, to see how I can manage financially. This week my cost was under $70 for 6 gallons of organic rolled oats, 7 lbs of Organic Popcorn and 5 lbs of Sucanat (natural sugar).  This was all I purchased this week in the way of groceries, and I didn’t do any shopping last week.  So this still puts me under my normal grocery budget.

While I usually get oatmeal (non-organic) free or really cheap with coupons, I felt that this was a good deal for organic bulk and am excited to see how long 6 gallons will last our family.  Stepping into the organic bulk purchasing realm is difficult when done all at once.  So, I am taking small steps each week, and these items are going to last me a while.  I’m trying very hard to see if I can stay under my normal budget of $40-$45 a week in grocery bills, and so far I’m managing pretty well.

Since I have a stockpile of coupon deals, I don’t need to buy a whole bunch of bulk all at once, and I can slowly add different things every week.  Seeing me buy like this is probably shocking some of you, but I’m hoping that this experiment is going to help you see a different way that you can purchase organic deals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a die-hard couponer.  That is something that will  never change.  However, since I am also a natural mama that likes using raw ingredients and making food from scratch, this is something that still works for our family as long as I can keep within our budget.

See my previous bulk organic purchases here and here.  What should I go for next in the way of bulk purchase?  Share your thoughts.

By the way, these items were bought from Bread Beckers, and they have local co-ops throughout the U.S.  I’ll be doing a follow-up post on this company later.

Are you a superstar when it comes to shopping? I can’t wait to see the deals you snagged! Please link directly to your posts and not the main page of your website. Don’t have a blog? That’s okay. Tell us how you did in the comment section.So that we stay encouraging and inspiring for others, this post is meant for deals that you personally were able to get. Posts that are mainly promoting affiliate links or spamming will be deleted. Thanks! No Giveaways please!

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  1. The only thing I would advise you to do is repackage it- oats in particular have natural oils that can go rancid quickly, but if you freeze it in 1 gallon freezer bags or use a foodsaver/mylar bag with an oxygen absorber, it will last a lot longer!

  2. nice! I am starting to do this more, but I have friends locally who split things up with me. So we can buy bulk organics at a great (wholesale) price, but we don’t each have to buy 50lbs or whatever (I don’t have the storage space)! I think this month I am going to get organic brown rice, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, and raisins.

  3. I am always in fear of the pantry moth with really large bulk purchases. Can you share your storing method?

  4. I’ve used Breadbeckers for years to purchase my wheat for milling. The trick to storage is the orange gamma seal you see on Thrifty Mama’s 6 gallon bucket. The bucket does not come with the seal, you have to purchase it separately and attach it to your bucket after removing the plastic lid. ( I think the seal is around $8.00. ) You only have to buy the seal once because when you purchase a new bucket of oats, you simply pour it into the empty bucket with the seal already attached. I have a seal on each of my 3 buckets of wheat, the bucket that contains the dog’s food, and now one for my organic oats.

    As for the pantry moths, we’ve never had a problem!

    Breadbecker’s is an awesome company. You should try their buckwheat honey, it’s delicious!!

  5. I discovered yesterday that Sam’s Club sells Fleischmann’s Instant Yeast in two 1-lb pkgs for $4.36. I’m definitely going to be buying the bulk yeast. I’m no longer a Sam’s Club member, but I will use a 1-day shopping pass to get this and a few other items like olive oil and just pay the additional 10%. You can store yeast in the freezer for at least 5 yrs. Of course, the way my carb-loving family goes through bread, I don’t think I’ll have it that long!

  6. I love the idea of buying in bulk, but these prices seem high to me. I can get organic rolled oats and organic popcorn from the bulk bin at Whole Foods for significantly less. ($1.19/lb-oats(bought this past friday) and $1.99/lb (I think that the price for the popcorn).

    • Maybe now that Crystal has the nice storage bucket, she can refill it at Whole Foods. They probably charge a bit more at this web site because of the packaging. I know our Whole Foods will give a 10% discount if you buy a whole sack of something so it would be even less.
      .-= sandi´s last blog ..This Week’s Friday Freebie – Pretty Ballerina =-.

    • Thank you for letting me know about the prices at WF. I’m still learning what good bulk prices are, so my readers are going to be my biggest help! I was physically at Bread Beckers, and the bins came free with the product I bought (including the 6 gallon bucket). Unfortunately I would have to buy this separately if I went to WF.

      And yes I did pay $8 for the Gamma lid.

  7. Hi Crystal,

    I was blogging with a 7 month old in my lap and wasn’t paying full attention- and I put my Sunday Sweep here where a Sunday Sweep doesn’t go- very sorry. Would you mind removing it. Sorry- I stink at multi-tasking.

    Talk to you soon,

  8. go to the farmer’s market and see if you can haggle for 50 lbs of organic potato seconds (the ones that don’t look perfect) I get them for $0.50/lb

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