Shopping Superstars: Experimenting with Bulk Purchases

In the past week I have discovered a blog that has just captivated me.  It’s, and Sheri does an all Vegan and Organic diet for her entire family.  She makes incredible smoothies, and has awesome raw meals (even for her young kids).  She buys all of her food in bulk, so that she saves money on her food.  So this week I experimented with just buying a few items in bulk from Amazon.  I used Subscribe and Save on these items, so that I received a 15% discount.  What’s pictured:

Raw Organic Agave Sweetener
Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder
Nutiva Organic Goji Berries
Cacao Powder
Cacao Nibs
Organic Dates:  Work as a natural sweetener when you remove the pits.

It was just a few items, so the cost wasn’t too bad (especially considering I save so much regularly with coupons), but these will last me a while.  I’m going to experiment with different smoothie concoctions, and see how our energy levels change as well.  I’ll report back with you all and share some of the smoothies we make.

I absolutely love smoothies, but don’t normally purchase them anywhere because they are so expensive.  I usually make banana, carrot and apple smoothies at home, but will be branching out in the coming weeks on the types of smoothies I make.  Stay tuned!


Are you a superstar when it comes to shopping? I can’t wait to see the deals you snagged! Please link directly to your posts and not the main page of your website. Don’t have a blog? That’s okay. Tell us how you did in the comment section.So that we stay encouraging and inspiring for others, this post is meant for deals that you personally were able to get. Posts that are mainly promoting affiliate links or spamming will be deleted. Thanks! No Giveaways please!

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  1. I see that she uses a monthly organic bulk buying club. Do you know of any around Atlanta? I know we can buy in bulk from Life Grocery and Harry’s but I am betting her club is different.

  2. Hey! I am SUPER interested in learning about your smoothies, please update to see if it’s something I can get going for my family. Thanks! I am currently looking for an alternative natural sweetener so I will give the Agave a try.

  3. What do you use the cacao nibs for? Or HOW do you use them? Grind them up?

  4. I’m very interested to see what you come up with as well. I don’t do that much organic but this year we would like to use our grocery savings to eat healthier.

  5. Did you ever decide between the Vita-Mix or the Blendtec? I went with the Vita-Mix and purchased ours last Thursday. We’ve used it every day since and are loving it!! It works wonders and we’ve even been able to make some things for the kids to eat that have spinach and other goodies in them (our kids have been so picky to date, this is a BIG accomplishment!).

    • I think I am going to go with the BlendTec. It just seems like it is better all around (takes up less space, works better, and I like the look a lot better).

      • Where do you plan on buying your blendtec? I found one on craigslist for $300 is that the norm?

  6. I’m really interested in this project. We started drinking a lot of green smoothies last summer but haven’t for awhile because it isn’t as much fun when it is cold outside! As it warms up I’m planning to do more of this. I’d love to hear more about your recipes, as well as some background for why you’re trying this out!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the shout-out re: my bloggie :)
    You picked up some yummy goodies!

    If you want to make a yummy green shake/smoothie using some of the new things you bought in the picture, try this one: we call it a Chocolate Monkey, and it is a combination of bananas, spinach (several handfuls, you won’t taste it, promise!), agave or dates to sweeten, hemp protein or hemp seeds, cacao powder, filtered water, and blend! Make it as banana-y or as chocolate-y as you like, and sweeten according to your tastes. It is like a thick choc-banana shake :)

    Am enjoying your blog, glad to have found it!

    • Oh thank you! I’m going to try this one out and post it! I’ll be sure to credit you for the recipe. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try it!

  8. Crystal,
    Wasn’t sure if you have actually tried that brand of Agave but we LOVE that kind! I use it in my coffee every morning after going sugar free and have grown to enjoy that more than my sugar – which I thought was impossible! Also, instead of using a sweetner in my smoothies I sometimes add 1/4 of unsweeetened apple juice and if that isn’t sweet enough maybe a tsp or 2 of honey. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  9. I totally agree on the spinach in smoothies comment! The trick that has worked for me: Cram your spinach in the blender/mixer (I use a magic bullet that I received as a gift- love that thing!), add your liquid ingredients, blend, THEN add the whole fruit/frozen fruit afterwards. That way the spinach is liquified- and if you use blueberries you can’t even seen the green from the spinach!

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