Shopping Superstars: Preparing for Our Road Trip

Scroll down and leave a comment or linky to show off all the bargains you got this past week!

We’re getting ready to go on a camping road trip in the next few weeks. It’s our first ever camping experience with the kids, and we are very excited!

In order to make this trip as inexpensive as possible, I’m hunting down bargains at local thrifts stores, yard sales and any other place that I can to get the best deals. Here’s what we got this week:

Road Trip Finds Week One - 1

You can see my fashionable kids are all excited to be sporting their “new” swimming suits complete with float material built in. These were a little more on the expensive side, especially for a thrift store, but we needed them and the price was cheaper than buying these brand new. They cost $4.41 and $5.41 each.

Road Trip Finds Week One - 3

My daughter’s new hat was .58 cents, my dress was $3.99 and that fabulous Coleman electric cooler was $20.50. We had been drooling over electric coolers, but knew there was no way we could afford a brand new one (they are usually $100 or more).

Road Trip Finds Week One - 2

And my Dad found this camping tent that someone was just throwing away:

Getting ready for our road trip and checking the free tent we got.

Isn’t it great when you can turn someone’s trash into your treasure? I’ll be back with more deals next week, showing you what else I get to prepare for our road trip.

And last, but not least, here’s what we picked up at the farmer’s market:

Farmer's Market 6/25

Watermelon $4
Tomatoes $2
Onion Plant (for my garden) $1
Blackberries $2.50
Cabbage $2
Honey Sticks $1

How did you all do this week? Go ahead, show off all those awesome deals you got! Please link directly to your posts, and I ask that you do not link to giveaways or posts mainly promoting affiliate deals. Let’s encourage one another with our thrifty ventures. No giveaways please. Thanks!

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  1. I just wanted to commend you on truly living the frugal and natural lifestyle and sharing it through your blog. Congrats on the great thrift store finds. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. My heart literally skips a beat when I can take something that was going to be thrown away and put it to good (free) use. Way to go!

  3. What some great finds! Love your FREE tent!! WHere are yall heading on your camping trip, hopefully not here to Texas its 100*degrees

  4. Treasures! 😉 Way to go! Your husband putting up the tent, and possibly airing it out was a good decision. Camping is a lot of work, but loads of fun. Enjoy!

  5. Your swimming suits for the kiddos were an absolute great find. I wish I would have thought to look at a thrift store first. I paid $16 each for my kids. What a good job you have done for you family.

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