Shopping Superstars: NO Spending Spree Week Two

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We are at the end of week two of our NO Spending Spree, and things are going quite well. Besides our bills, the only other spending that was done this week was on milk, and a bottle of water. My husband went to pick up the milk from a local farmer, and forgot to take cash with him. So to get cash back, he had to buy a bottle of water from the grocery store that was nearby.

When he came home with that bottle of water, I was very upset with him (in fact you might describe me as a volcano on the verge of exploding). I have a lot people reading my blog, expecting us to do this perfectly and he goes and gets a bottle of water?? He of course pointed out that his only other options would have been to use another bank’s ATM and then end up paying more in fees, or he would have had to drive back to get cash. This would have cost us more in gas money.

So after I calmed down and averted the pending explosion, I realized I was being ridiculous over a bottle of water. The point of the NO Spending Spree is to help us save money, learn to be better at planning ahead and also teach our children to be smart planners. While I would have preferred him to remember to take cash, he did the smartest thing that would cost us the least amount of money in that situation.

Don’t worry guys and gals, he got a big hug and I apologized for being such a grump over a dumb water bottle.

I didn’t go to the farmer’s market this week, because I just couldn’t brave the heat. The Georgia humidity is terrible right now. How will I ever survive the rest of the Summer? Meal planning is going well, and we are getting plenty of greens, drinking aloe vera lemonade, and have a diet filled with good proteins, whole grains and preserved fruit.

Cost of Milk: $24
Cost of Said Water Bottle: $1.63

How did you all do this week? Go ahead, show off all those awesome deals you got! Please link directly to your posts, and I ask that you do not link to giveaways or posts mainly promoting affiliate deals. Let’s encourage one another with our thrifty ventures. No giveaways please. Thanks!

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  1. how many gallons did you get for $24….were they organic?

  2. Oh, the best thing about following blog series like this is to see that the writers are not perfect but are just regular folks like us :-). So it is actually good to see how handle a situation like your husband was in and how he choose the least expensive, useful thing he could to get himself out of the situation and be able to buy the milk. And it is great to see you are honest–you didn’t have to tell us he bought the water at all. Enjoying this series.

    • Cheryl,
      Thanks for your post regarding Swagbucks. I have signed up for them, but haven’t had enough time to read through the details; but now I will!

  3. I was going to say that I see 4 gallons in the picture :) so what is this spending freeze about? Is it a freeze on all but food?

  4. It is ok Crystal, we all have our days when we have to stop and say we are sorry. Good job so far on not spending!

    Alana Jo :)

  5. I still need to buy or find someone to give me a piece of their aloe plant, but I would like to know your lemonade recipe :) That may be part of your recipes to come, but I had to ask anyway!

  6. Crystal,
    I livein Woodstock, so I was wondering where you live in Atlanta? You can email me privately if you prefer that everyone not know. There is an awesome farmer’s market in Canton every Saturday from 8-12. EVERYTHING has to either be grown or made in GA. My husband sales trees and I sell my cute kids aprons with chef hats and aprons made with a bath towel on the bottom. (I am NOT promoting my things – just stating what I sell). There are soooo many neat foods, and amazing hand made items at the Farmer’s Market in Canton. They also have fun things for kids to do/buy.
    The market is open all summer long!! WOOT! WOOT!

  7. We decided to do a spending freeze for the month of June. I have to say it is hard. I spent $30 dollars today. (Didn’t know we were that close to running out of garbage bags.) And now we are having to replace our transmission on our suburban. We are just laughing about it. Guess it is a good thing we aren’t spending any other money outside of our bills. Thanks for inspiring us!

  8. Could you share the aloe vera lemonade recipe? Pretty please.

  9. I’m on the side of your husband, better to have the bottle of water than to throw your money away on an ATM fee.

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