Shopping Superstars: Target Shopping and Organic Wheat Purchase

Earlier this week I shopped at Target and spent $42.13 and saved $192.38.  You can see that shopping trip here.  I went back to Target yesterday to get more Ovaltine (used $1/1 printable HERE), Honest Kids Organic Drinks (used .75/1 printable HERE), and a 17 lb. bag of Kibbles and Bits dog food that I paid $5.99 for after coupons (used $2 coupon from the 2/21 RP insert and $2 Target coupon from a 2/28 paper flier).  See the Target deals for the week here.

And pictured above you see my 25 pounds of organic wheat that I purchased from The Granary Store.  Cost for 25 pounds was $25 or $1 per pound of organic wheat.  Total was $25.50 after tax.

I will use my Wheat Grinder and grind my own flour out of this.  Buying wheat in bulk like this and grinding it myself saves me a lot of money, and allows me to purchase organic wheat.  Our flour is fresher too, because I only grind what I need and freeze any flour that is leftover so that it doesn’t go rancid.

Do you grind your own wheat?  What kind of wheat grinder do you use?


Are you a superstar when it comes to shopping? I can’t wait to see the deals you snagged! Please link directly to your posts and not the main page of your website. Don’t have a blog? That’s okay. Tell us how you did in the comment section.So that we stay encouraging and inspiring for others, this post is meant for deals that you personally were able to get. Posts that are mainly promoting affiliate links or spamming will be deleted. Thanks! No Giveaways please!

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  1. I grind my own wheat and I use Prairie Gold wheat and soft white wheat from Wheat Montana. That is all I use except for a little unbleached white flour here and there. I love grinding my own wheat.
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  2. I’ve just gotten into grinding my own wheat, and I am in the market to find a place to purchase it in bulk. Thanks for the recommendation! Btw, someone told me that you have to worry about storage of grains, and that mold can be prevalent. Do you guys know anything about this? I am very interested in this deal!

  3. I have never grinded my own wheat. I think it’s an interesting venture that I might like to try though. My family has always bought fresh corn meal from a primitive village with a mill. It’s a tourist village, but if you are ever towards Indiana you should stop and check it out. It’s called Spring Mill in Mitchell Indiana.

  4. At first I thought this sounded like a great money-saver, but I’ve never paid as much as $1/pound for flour. Is organic whole wheat flour that expensive? Are there other advantages to grinding your own? Taste? Quality? Fun? (LOL) Just curious.
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  5. The current market rate for normal flour/wheat is $0.15/lb. So, $1.00/lb seems high.

  6. Yes, Organic Wheat will be more expensive than regular flour that you can pick up in the store. But having organic, fresh, unbleached flour is something that is important to me.
    But I save so much money in other areas, that I can afford to buy organic wheat so that I can make a lot of healthier meals for my family. Sometimes saving a lot of money means you can use those savings for a healthier lifestyle :)

  7. Absolutely, I agree Crystal. I can afford to buy only wild caught fish and organic cereals, etc. because I save so much money couponing. I was just wondering about the money saving aspect of grinding your own. My husband and I were wondering why anyone would bother and I guess it’s for the quality of the flour. I make my own bread for the same reason. We just can’t stand store bought now that we are used to homemade.
    .-= sandi´s last blog ..This Week’s Friday Freebie =-.

    • I am working on trying to get enough in our budget for the wild fish! Can’t wait…

      As far as grinding your own flour, I think you would notice a difference in taste and experience several additional health benefits. All those vitamins that the grain has to offer begins to oxidize within 72 hours upon milling. Just read that this morning – LOL. I put whatever leftover flour from milling into the freezer until I bake the next time. :)

  8. Crystal, I use the Nutrimill and have been grinding my own flour since September 09…so glad we decided to take this route! I love it, however a friend of mine came over to grind rice. She had so much that it took an HOUR to grind. It was so loud!! LOL. I wil have a grain grinding max. from now on. :) Anyone have a mill that is truly quiet?

  9. Last post on this I promise!! – Btw, I am excited about the website you linked for wheat – that is a great price!!

  10. I’ve been wanting to go the grinding your own wheat route. The machines are costly (but I guess they make up for themselves eventually). What machine(s) would you recommend? And where to purchase?

  11. I buy grain at our local organic food depot and grind it in my Vitamix. I’d highly recommend buying a Vitamix when it’s being featured at Costco (it’s much cheaper that way). The Vitamix grinds grain, but also makes smoothies, soups, chops onions, etc. It’s a major multi tasker.
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  12. I grind my own wheat and make my own bread. It is just so good that way! I purchase my wheat thru an LDS church cannery. I am not sure if it is organic but it is very AFFORDABLE. It is something like $5.90 for a 25 lb bag. You do not have to be a member of the church to go there. They also have many other things in bulk that are quite cheap. Just go here:,12566,2026-1-4,00.html
    to see if there is one near you!

  13. I wanted to ask about the Ovaltine? We really love the Malt variety. Is this a good target price (forgive the pun) for this? I have some coupons & want to use them when it’s a good deal. 2.99 – 1 = 1.99… how long is this on sale for?

    • It really depends what your buy price is. I hardly ever see coupons for Ovaltine, or see it go on sale, so $1.89 for mine was my buy price. I got four.

      • Thank you! I was thinking that this was as low as it was going to get (at least around here).

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