Show Me Your Dirty Laundry

Next week I’m spending the entire week talking about dirty laundry! Yep, I’m pulling out all the stops and showing the world my pile of laundry and what I do to tackle that mile of a mountain.

Laundry Week: It’s like “Shark Week,” but cleaner. I’ll be sharing all the different tips and recipes I use in my home to make homemade laundry detergent. It’s coming straight from The Thrifty Mama laundry room, so you bet it’s going to be all natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic and cheap at the same time!

Next week should be a blast! Each day I’ll be posting a new recipe or trick for naturally cleaning laundry, and I hope you’ll come at with me with all of your questions and comments. Because at the end of the week I’ll be posting a full recap of all the recipes along with FAQ and a video response to your questions.

Who’s ready to join me? But most importantly, who’s ready to show me some dirty laundry? Set your alarm clocks ladies and gents, ’cause we’re going to tackle Mount Washmore the eco-friendly and inexpensive way! Stay tuned…

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  1. I am really excited for this! My homemade laundry detergent is great for my clothes but unfortunately not so tough on my 4-year old’s dirty clothes.

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