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I’m changing my site theme this afternoon, so please don’t freak out if everything looks a little crazy today. I’m just changing some design things a little bit. There are bound to be a few quirks and kinks that I will need to work out, so just hang in there. Normally I would do this at night when less traffic is coming through, but I need my awesome hosting friend Michael on standby to help, and he is only available during the day. So those of you visiting today will get to be my guinea pigs (mwahahaha), that I test everything out on. Enjoy the show!

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  1. I like guinea pigs…I have no problem being on for a lil bit…

  2. I like the new look, but I do miss the bold headline, or title of each blog post. I see that this post has a title, but the newer ones do not.

    • This actually concerns me, because I have titles for everything, and I see the titles. The most recent one being Shopping Superstars. You don’t see the words “Shopping Superstars” above my most recent post?

  3. No, I do not see “Shopping Superstars”. I do see “by Crystal Collins” and the date. But above that is blank. Maybe it is just my computer? I use IE.

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