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When I first looked at I thought to myself, “not another coupon site.”  There are just so many out there, that I could go insane trying to keep track of which ones are the best, which ones are not worth my time, and which ones fall somewhere in between.  So when I clicked over at I very nearly closed my browser immediately, but I pushed myself to check into it a little more.   I’m fairly glad that I did, because they are doing something different than the other coupon sites that I have found.

You can use their site to compare prices and find the best discounts specifically by item.  Unlike other sites where it is by store/site, this one does item specifics.  So if you are looking for a deal on a specific camera, say the Canon EOS Rebel XSi, then a page comes up and compares all online prices.  Not only does it do that, but it also shows any coupon codes available on that site that you could use with that deal.  For instance, Abes of Maine has it for $599, but they also have a $10 online coupon code.  So it’s $10 cheaper there than on all the other sites listed.  I really liked the fact that they also display the shipping price. has a very simple and clean feel to it, and I love that it’s item specific deals. So if I want to find something in particular as a gift, I don’t have to sift through hundreds of sites to find the best deal on that one item.

What I did not like about the site:  They still seem very limited on the products that are listed in several of the sections.  For instance, there were only eight brands listed for Men’s Outdoor shoes.  Let’s hope that changes as the site grows.  So while I don’t think this site is one of the best ones out there, I definitely think it has potential and fills a need that other sites do not.
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  1. I thought I’d throw it out there – I’d be really sad to see my favorite coupon sites start doing “sponsored posts”. I know you’re trying to make money off these sites, and that is fine, but sponsored posts…honestly, they just make me not trust you as much. For what it is worth.

    • Thanks for the honest feedback. Just so you know, I turn down A LOT and ONLY include what I truly recommend. Sponsored post doesn’t mean I am in any way being dishonest with you all. It is my real opinion. You can see more about this on my Terms Page. I’m very open with you all, and hope that you see that when I fully disclose when I am doing a sponsored post.

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