Special Gift Ideas

Looking for special gift ideas this holiday season? This is a one stop page for all of your special gift idea needs. Find gifts ideas for him, gift ideas for her, gift ideas for kids, family gift ideas, homemade gifts and more!

Below is my list of my top 10 favorite gift ideas for each category. You can also click on the images to find a list of deals that I consider great gift ideas.

Top 10 Special Gift Ideas for the Family

  1. New Family Pet – save a life at your local shelter, and have a special family gift. Only do this if the new owners are in agreement that this is a welcome gift.
  2. Subscription to Netflix.
  3. A family photo gift. Most people now upload their holiday family photos to Facebook. Use that to make them a special photo memory, and your gift is sure to be a pleasant surprise!
  4. A game that promotes family time. My family is particularly fond of Just Dance and Active Life Outdoor Challenge. Both games also promote fitness.
  5. A Wholesale Club Membership or Amazon Prime Membership.
  6. Homemade Vanilla with a cookie or cake mix.
  7. A movie or game night gift basket. Include things like a movie, popcorn or a gift card for a movie rental or local movie theater.
  8. A family membership to a local zoo or attraction.
  9. Homemade soaps. Include in a gift basket with new wash clothes.
  10. Organic living gift basket. If you really want to impact your friends to live a healthier lifestyle, put together a gift basket of some of your favorite organic items, along with a nice printable containing some great tips on how to save money on organic food. Make sure you also include some facts on food, because most people don’t understand what organic really means.

Top 10 Special Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Amazon Kindle.
  2. Diva Cup. This would be a girlfriend to girlfriend only type gift. And yes I do give this to my girlfriends, no matter how crazy they think I am. I care about them, and don’t want them to continue poisoning their bodies.
  3. Special gift basket with a journal and book theme (throw a good bag of coffee with a mug in there, too!).
  4. Spa type gift basket with homemade bath salts, new wash cloths and homemade sugar scrub. Include some new fuzzy slippers, because you can really never go wrong with cute slippers.
  5. Restaurant gift card.
  6. Movie tickets.
  7. Spa or salon gift certificate. I’ve seen these available a lot lately on Groupon.
  8. A Burt’s Bees Grab Bag, or select a few of the items that come with this grab bag for multiple gifts.
  9. Amazon gift card. Seriously, this is one of my favorite things to get because I can use it to either spoil myself or get organic groceries. But normally I go for the organic groceries! This also makes a great gift for families, kids and men!
  10. Organic wine with some new wine glasses and organic chocolate. This is a great way to spoil her and show her that you care.

Top 10 Special Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Amazon Kindle.
  2. Movie tickets.
  3. Restaurant gift card.
  4. Tools.
  5. Special coffee gift basket you put together, ’cause what man doesn’t love coffee?? But if he doesn’t, here’s some more ideas…
  6. Video game gift cards, or XBOX 360 point cards (if he has an XBOX).
  7. Razors. Go for the old fashioned kind, and put together a nice little gift set for him of a razor, blades, brush and shaving soap. This is how my husband shaves. It saves us money on the blades and he gets a better shave.
  8. Favorite team sports apparel. This especially works if you have a husband that is a little fanatical like mine. :)
  9. Tickets to a sports event, or a show of some sort. If he’s into Broadway rather than sports, then go for that! This is also a great way to create a date night.
  10. Nice winter gloves. Men don’t always think to get these, but it’s definitely a need during the cold months.

Top 10 Special Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Special holiday ornament to commemorate the year. When I was a child, I loved having my special ornaments for each year. This is also a great holiday craft with kids idea.
  2. A new movie. Cars 2 is a hot one this year.
  3. Melissa & Doug Toy Blocks (pictured above). This was the gift my husband and I gave our children a few years ago. It’s still one of my favorite gift ideas for young kids.
  4. Wooden Train Set. My son received a wooden train set when he was only two years old, and it is still his favorite toy almost four years later.
  5. Puzzles. If you have a young one, puzzles make a great gift. They stimulate the mind and provide a fun activity. If you are on a budget, you can also find puzzles at yard sales, thrift stores and in the clearance area at many stores.
  6. Gift cards. For older children who are at the stage of being picky, the best gift really is a gift card. That way he/she can pick out their own gift.
  7. Video games. Preferably go for one that gets the kids interacting with the rest of the family (see Family Gift Ideas).
  8. Tickets to a local attraction like the zoo or aquarium.
  9. Movie tickets for older children.
  10. New fun slippers. Because who can resist fun slippers? They are on sale a lot right now, too.

61 Homemade Gift Ideas

  1. Homemade Vanilla Extract
  2. Homemade Bath Salts
  3. Homemade Soap
  4. Vanilla Scented Sugar
  5. Homemade Reed Diffuser
  6. Wood Block Photo Display
  7. Homemade Lotion Bar
  8. DIY Dollhouse
  9. Homemade Sugar Scrub
  10. DIY Homemade Tutu
  11. DIY Chalkboard Frame
  12. DIY Tea Wreath
  13. DIY Hurricane Lamps
  14. DIY Pottery Barn Art
  15. Easy Sew Chaps
  16. Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls (pictured above)
  17. Pumpkin Pie in a Jar (pictured above)
  18. Homemade Maple Syrup
  19. DIY Aprons or Quilts
  20. DIY Silverware Wind Chime
  21. DIY Play Kitchen
  22. Homemade Seasonings
  23. Recycled Dresser turned Playhouse
  24. Old Crib Turned Work Bench
  25. Old Door Turned Coffee Table
  26. Tin Can Wind Chimes
  27. Jelly Roll Floor Pillows
  28. Homemade Terrarium
  29. T-Shirt Bracelets
  30. Melted Crayon Art
  31. Soft Homemade Baby Shoes
  32. Old Train Case Turned Sewing Kit
  33. Ruffle Pillow Made from T-Shirts
  34. DIY Fabric Art Work
  35. DIY Rag Rug
  36. Paper Beads Made from Newspaper
  37. Easy Fabric Ornament
  38. Gifts in a Jar Recipes
  39. DIY Gift Card Snow Globe
  40. Homemade Pendant Necklace (or magnets)
  41. Homemade Charging Station
  42. Rudolf Puzzle Ornament
  43. Soctopus – Octopus doll made out of a sock
  44. Salted Caramel in a Jar
  45. Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments
  46. Lace and Pearl Jars
  47. Kid’s Jet Pack made from Soda Bottles
  48. Cookie Sheet Turned Magnet Board
  49. Have a Green Christmas Gift Basket (pictured above)
  50. Homemade Lip Balm
  51. Apron in a Jar
  52. Love Cards
  53. No-Sew Tea Cup Pin Cushion
  54. Charming Bookmark
  55. I-Spy Kid’s Bottles
  56. Wood Clock
  57. Prayer Board
  58. Family Hand Print Tree
  59. Homemade Deodorant
  60. Toddler Busy Bag
  61. Photo Coasters

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Please note that I am not doing a regular holiday gift guide, because I wanted my list of gift ideas to be unique and genuine. I was not compensated or given product to list any of the products on this page. I am however using some affiliate links in this post. This in no way affects my opinion, as I made my choices first and then searched for affiliates based on my choices. When you shop through my links, you are supporting my site, so thank you!

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