NO Spending Spree Week Four Menu Plan

Salmon with Raisins on a Bed of Spinach

We’ve made it all the way to week four in our NO Spending Spree. As a recap, we’ve cut out non-essential expenses for an entire month. Regular bills and purchases on produce, milk, eggs and bread were the only things we’ve allowed ourselves to spend money on.

It’s been quite a freeing experience, despite the fact that I initially thought we would feel trapped by not being able to spend. We’ve had to think outside the box when it comes to cooking, family activities and more. It’s been fun, to say the least.

Here is are final week’s plan for meals:


Cream of Wheat
Eggs and Whole Wheat Pancakes
Easy Breakfast Rice Cereal
Fresh Fruit when available


Salad and other fresh vegetables (protein added through nuts and Salmon)
Beans with Whole Wheat Skillet Cornbread
Honey and Peanut Butter Flax Sandwiches
Chicken and Rice Bake with Vegetables


Spaghetti Bake
Venison Stew
Quinoa Stir Fry with Vegetables
Rotisserie Chicken with Fresh Collards and Potato Salad
Venison with Pasta, Vegetables and Spicy Alfredo


Organic Animal Crackers
Fresh Fruit when available

As you can see from four weeks of menu plans, I keep things really simple. I’m not a fantastic cook, and I can’t spend all my time making extravagant meals. Aside from when I make chili or venison stew (which I make in bulk to serve as several meals), most of my meals take under 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

What’s on your menu for this week?

  1. I’m not doing a no spending spree, but I am making a stronger effort to plan our meals better and do some prep work on the weekends. We’ve been trying a lot of NEW recipes, which I love. This week we’re trying: chicken croquettes, rosemary red potatoes, Mexican lasagna, black bean and corn salas, hummus pizza, balsamic carrots and a crockpot recipe for chicken and dumplings. I love to cook and I love that we’re saving money and eating more healthful things by not eating out!

  2. I love your simple meals! I find meal planning challenging and your plans have given me some good ideas. There is so little time to cook when you have 3 kids 5 and under. I am vegetarian and have seen lots of vegetarian ideas in your plans : )

    • Thanks Kristina! And so glad you noticed that about my meals and recipes. I’m a wannabe vegan, so sometimes my meals show that :)

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