Starbucks: 50% off Frappuccinos for Happy Hour

Join Starbucks for Happy Hour, May 6-15, 2011, from 3-5 p.m. for half-price Frappuccino blended beverages at participating stores.

See more info and respond via the Facebook event.

Thanks Mummy Deals!

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  1. You can have them made with soy or skinny, so it will lessen the blow a little…LOL

  2. I was just in Target and a catalina printed for a free tall frappuccino! That was a nice surprise. :)

  3. I have given up these Fraps. In my opinion, I think they have ruined them with their “new” recipe integrated last year. They taste too grainy.

  4. Organic coffee has health benefits. I really wish Starbucks would offer an organic, fair-trade coffee. Coffee is one of the worst foods for pesticide count.

  5. @The Thrifty Mama…..thanks for that little tid-bit of info. Didn’t know that about the pesticide count.

  6. there are always bad things about coffee…. so i completely stay away from the fake energy drinks… if you completely go off of them, and exercise you will be so surprised at how much REAL energy you have and without those nasty crashes! in college i gave up coffee for a school project and this is how i figured it out! i still know it is smells and tastes soooo good though…

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