My Starbucks Rewards Program

I was at Starbucks recently with a friend, and saw that they are unveiling a new Rewards Program!  All I can say is, it’s about time!  Now you can sign up free for a rewards card, and earn freebies!  Registered members receive the following:

:::Free drink on your birthday.

:::Collect stars every time you make a purchase, and advance to different levels for freebies.

See more details on what these freebies are HERE.

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  1. That is awesome! We are major Starbucks fans. I have another question. There are SO many blogs about couponing. Which 5 blogs aside from your own would you most recommend? Also do you have any blog friends from the U.P. in Michigan? Thank you!

  2. But as a customer who bought the 25 dollar card, it’s not that great of a deal. I would buy many (at least 12) coffees a week, plus the kits to make my caramel drink at home, and the the whole bean coffee at the shops. I received 10% off my entire purchase. That $25 I paid was well worth it. Now as my old gold card recently expired, I got transferred to the new program…They get more money from me, which doesn’t reward me at all for staying loyal to them. Now for every 3 drinks I buy I get ONE star…so to get 15 to get a drink, I have to buy 45 drinks. That’s so far from right it’s very very wrong.

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