Before You Lather on Sunscreen, Read the Label

The FDA continues to pound out the idea that the sun is bad, and you should completely block it out. They are even making new regulations for labeling sunscreens.

What the FDA never really seems to mention is that some sun exposure in moderation is actually healthy for the body. It provides good Vitamin D, and is vital for warding off serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis, cognitive decline, bone loss, and even cancer.

And I haven’t even mentioned viscious chemicals that are actually in most sunscreens available on the market today. They contain things like untested nanoparticles, as well as known toxins like retinyl palmitate and oxybenzone. These chemicals are absorbed into the body, just the same as if you were eating them, if not worse.

So before you hit the beach or the pool and lather on that Subscreen, make sure you read your labels. Coconut oil is a good natural sunscreen, though you need to apply it more often. There are also good organic and natural sunscreen alternatives online and in grocery stores.

If you would like to learn more, check out this Natural News article and this Safe Mama article for more details on the FDA regulations.

How do you feel about sunscreen? Is there a certain type that you use or recommend that is safe and natural? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Have you used coconut oil? I’ve never even heard of that!! I’ve been trying to find a better alternative than what we’re using (it’s good and safe, but pretty expensive).

    Hmm…I’ll have to research that!

  2. I suffer from a D deficiency. I do wear sunscreen when I am out for any significant length of time, but rely on my prescription 50,000 IU every other week instead of the sun. However, being a vampire is not healthy!

  3. Why yes, yes I did. But I use sunscreen to not get darker. 😛 I don’t know if it actually works since I avoid the sun most the time anyways.

  4. Also, eating lots of fruits and veggies with Vitamin C actually protect your skin from sunburns!

  5. Yes, we don’t put sunscreen on on a daily basis as recommended. We only use it if we’re going to the pool or will be outdoors for a long time. And even then we use a natural sunscreen with zinc. Mostly, we just avoid the intense sun during the middle of the day.

  6. I read this article this morning! I love Dr. Mercola! It answered all the questions I’ve been having about bug spray and sun screen.

  7. Once again I feel totally confused with sunscreens! We don’t slather it on everyday, but live in a climate where we need it during the summers when the sun is out.
    I am currently using California Baby with the thought I was avoiding some chemicals because this is a barrier sunscreen, but now I see nanoparticles can also be an issue…which I believe Titanium Dioxide is. So it is either absorbed chemicals or nanoparticles! Ahhhh :)

  8. Usually we avoid the hottest parts of the day when the sun is at it’s peak. When we do put on sunscreen it only goes on the areas that are more apt of burn – shoulders, necks and noses. I think sunscreen should be used in moderation and that the sun is healthier for you then staying in the house all the time.

  9. I’ve used Loving Naturals and I really like it. It is thick and it does turn you white but it works really well! I order it from!

  10. This country is so vitamin D lacking, we’re breaking bones! Remember the dowhill skiier in the Winter Olympics, 19 years old, broke her ankle due to lack of Vitamin D? How does an outside athelete have a deficiency in vitamin D? Too much sunscreen, not enough natural sun! Lay off the mega checmicals in some of these suncreens and go outside! Then check the SPF levels, some are so high-they not even real. Check into the SPF 70-no such thing, but we pay extra the higher the number is. Plus the higher the number, the more checmicals in it. Don’t be fooled by the scare tatics the SPF manufacturers who make billions on sunscreen are telling you. Don’t be afraid of the sun, it’s all about moderation.

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