Swagbucks: Free Stuff for Internet Searches and Watching TV

Swagbucks is the search engine that gives you random points that you can use for prizes like Amazon gift cards, Target.com gift cards, Starbucks gift cards as well as things like video game systems and more.

Now until Friday, October 22, 2010 at 11:59 pm PDT, new members can start out with 50 free swagbucks when they add code SBTVisOnTheAir to their accounts. This is to celebrate the launch of Swagbucks TV, where they will be offering points for members that watch videos. I haven’t seen these yet because they are officially releasing Swagbucks TV this afternoon, but I’m guessing it will be sponsored ads that we will get paid to watch.  Swagbucks TV will be launched today, sometime between 10-11am PDT. So keep checking back!

Sign-up with swagbucks here, and add code SBTVisOnTheAir to your account to get 50 free points. Then start searching the internet with the Swagbucks search engine to get your points up for free prizes.

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