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Swagbucks is celebrating its second birthday today!  So they contacted me to offer a special code for my readers.  Sign up with Swagbucks HERE, and use CRYSTALSCODE (exp March 4, 2010) in the my account area to start out with a total of 60 Swag Bucks!   Swagbucks is the search engine that rewards you for doing your regular every day searching.   This code is  just for new Swagbucks sign ups.

Swagbucks has changed a few things, so here’s the release on how to use the new Swagbucks (besides regular searching):

1) More ways to earn Swag Bucks every day: With Swagbucks.com 3.0 users will be able to earn by having their toolbar visible on their browser (must be logged in) and also by simply viewing our ‘No Obligation’ special offers.   This means that in addition to all the regular ways to earn, the more you are engaged with Swagbucks.com, the more you will earn!

2) New look home page and Swag Store & rewards storeSwagbucks.com 3.0 will include a revamped, cleaner interface that will provide a better user experience.

3)  Launch of the Swagstakes Portal: As you may know we currently run about a dozen on-going sweepstakes (called Swagstakes) at any given time.  With the launch of 3.0 we are going to have a brand new, fully stocked Swagstakes portal in which there will be dozens of Swagstakes running at all times! Some contests will be limited entry (meaning a set number of entries will be offered) so the odds for a user to win are greater.  The tentative list of items that will be offered during initial launch should include: $100 Amazon Gift Cards, Sony Bravia 32″ TV, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod Touch, Flip Ultra HD Camera, Panasonic Blu Ray with Remote, Apple iPad, Sopranos Complete Series Box Set, Rachel Ray 10 piece cookware set, Playstation 3 system + games bundle, Canon Powershot Camera, Seinfeld Complete Series DVD box Set, Viziio 22″ LCD TV and plenty more!

4) Starting today, you will notice that your Swag Bucks in your account will be multiplied by 10 (as will the prices in the store.  So for example, if you had 45 bucks in your account you will now have 450 SB;  The Amazon which was 45 SB will now be 450 SB). NO prices are being raised on prizes (it will all be proportional – so have no fear about that), but what this split of the SB will allow us to do is to award bucks to users in ways that were not before imaginable (such as being logged into the toolbar, and viewing our special offers).

Swagbucks has allowed me and my readers to earn some incredible free prizes and gift cards, so what are you waiting for?  Sign up today, and start out with 60 points.  Read more on what I think of Swagbucks here.

Those of you that have had Swagbucks for a while, what do you think of the new point system they are doing?

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  1. I noticed that the Amazon card, while only costing 450 Swagbucks, is a “special offer” right now. It looks like the regular price will be 1000 Swagbucks? So maybe they are planning to raise prices on some things, but just not right away? I hope not, because that is always my prize of choice!!

    • I’m starting to agree with this. I’m worried now we are all going to end up getting 5 points or something, and that is half what we used to get. It’s not a good change in my opinion, and I’m hoping that swagbucks won’t be doing that to us.

  2. Crystalscode is not working for me. I just signed up as a new member and only got 30!

  3. Blah. I just went through the special offers because they often give a point, and I got 3 points… but now that it’s changed to powers of 10, that’s not even 1/3 of a regular point. Blah! Not a fan.

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