Sweet Tomatoes Coupon: Dinner for Four for $19.99

Have you been to Sweet Tomatoes? They have an immaculate all-you-can eat salad bar and buffet that contains organic greens, and I just love eating out there with the family for special occasions. It’s one of the healthier places to eat out in a mass of fast food and other unhealthy places to eat.

To try it out and save some money, go HERE to print a Sweet Tomatoes coupon good for four all you can eat meals for just $19.99! There are also three other coupons for Sweet Tomatoes available at that link. So even if you just need to feed yourself, you can still save some money.

This coupon expires May 5, 2011.  Thanks Surviving the Stores!

  1. We have Soup Plantation here, but they are surely NOT organic. I don’t even see that they are advertising their greens as such.

  2. We just ate at sweet tomatoes a couple weeks ago- I really enjoy going there.

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