Don’t Eat That! 14 Sneaky Label Tricks That Are Duping You

I should preface this post by saying that some of these labels aren't always bad. It's important to know the companies you purchase from in many cases, but oftentimes we consumers as a whole are being duped by sneaky labels and clever marketing tactics. In an effort to shed some light on an area that [...]

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The Everlasting GMO Apple

America's favorite fruit is getting a makeover. For the first time since the Flavr Savr tomato back in the mid-90's, there might be GMO fruit available in your local produce department as early as 2014. Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) is hoping to release what they are calling the Arctic Apple in the US and Canada. But [...]

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More omega-3’s, less heart disease

New research from the USDA shows that milk consumption is down in the U.S, while Organic milk sales are up, and steadily raising, accounting for about 4 percent of milk consumption in the U.S. That's a number that will hopefully continue to climb, considering what we are learning about the nutritional make-up of Organic milk [...]

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Natural & Organic Deals and Coupons 4/29

Here is a highlight of coupons and organic deals for the week of April 29. Organic and Natural Coupons: $1/1 Alexia Frozen Item $1/3 Earth's Best Organic Infant Jar or Pouch Foods $0.99/6 Gerber 2nd Foods Organic Pouches $0.50/1 Larabar, Uber or Jocolat Bar $1/1 Organic Valley Milk (IE), 1/2 gallon, 96 oz or One [...]

Whole Foods Coupon: 30% OFF Entire Body Department

Some Whole Foods stores are passing out 30% Off coupons this Saturday, April 27th.  Arrive before 1pm to get 30% Off in the entire body department.  Get there early, because this offer is only valid until 4pm on Saturday.  (Sale excludes all Vitamix products.) This is a regional deal so call your store to verify [...]

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