The best juicer for juicing – how to use a juice press

There are a lot of types of juicers out there, but the best juicer for juicing in my opinion is a juice press. The  reason being is that it gets a lot more juice out of my produce than centrifugal or masticating juicers, and clean-up is a breeze! I use a blender and a juice press to make my juices. It’s very easy to use. Check out this five minute video I made that shows you how my juicing process works.

A lot of people like juicing for detox or on a regular basis for their health. I like to do regular juice fasting. Juicing allows you to eat more vegetables than you could eat raw. Juicing is great to get extra nutrients into your body, and it also gives the digestive system a rest/reboot if you do a juicing cleanse.

I really love my Juice Press from Juice Press Factory, and am super happy with it after dealing with centrifugal juicers in the past (Full disclosure: I paid for my own Juice Press and have no affiliation with Juice Press Factory).

Is it the best juicer for juicing? I think so. What is your favorite juicer for juicing? See more recommended best juicers.

  1. Do you think this is the best really? It is saving money but what about the high speed of the blender…do you think it gets heated, killing anything? And what about oxidation? I assumed a mastication juicer was best. Ive actually had my eyes on the Hurom juicer but the price is holding me back. I however do want to go the healthiest route.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It was very helpful in my decision which juicer to buy. I know the masticating are better than centrifugal but their chutes are so tiny and I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how hard they are to clean. I already have an excellent blender so maybe I will get a juice press instead!

  3. Hi! Yes thank you for posting this video :)
    What’s the brand of the blender you’re using? Mine definitely does not mush up the fruit like yours did. Also what cloth bag did you say you used? Twill?

    Again, thank you and hope to hear from you soon :)

  4. Hi Crystal,
    I’ve never used one of those, but have heard good things about them. Maybe someday I’ll have one. Thanks for the article and great video!

  5. Glad you are so happy with your juice press, Crystal! I think it is all about finding the machine that is the right fit for your family. It must be easy to use and super-quick to rinse clean. Otherwise it is likely to become just another white elephant you won’t use regularly. Yours sound great. Luckily some centrifugal juicers are also getting better at extracting more juice and retaining nutrients. It is amazing how many choices we now have available. Happy juicing all!

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