The vyrlmkt Scam

Mark Wayman, of Vyrlmkt
Thanks Wuzzy!

I am very upset over the whole Check It Out feature on Facebook, that was put in place by vyrlmkt. I’d like to share an article with all of you that sums everything up:
Please do not attempt to use the coupons if you still have them, even if you printed them legitimately. Stores have all been notified that all of these coupons are considered fraudulent, and you can get in trouble.

  1. Man, this whole thing was such a mess. Very annoying! I have to say that even under my hope and excitement about the coupons, there was a bit of weariness about the whole thing…coupons on facebook? It is a bit weird…BR/ also has a review of “the vyrl mkt scam of ’08.”BR/BR/It is very upsetting that this would even happen…

  2. And, here’s the official release from some coupon industry groups condemning vyrlmkt.BR/BR/A HREF=”” REL=”nofollow” post/A

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