Thrift Store Fashion – Brand New Flats

I’m a thrift store junkie. Yes, I have a problem when it comes to thrift stores – I shop there way too much. But, I am smart with my money, and save a lot by shopping for fashion, decorating and household essentials.

Here are the fashion essentials I picked up recently:

Pink flats.

Brand New Pink Moccasin-Style Flats: $2
Brand: Mossimo Supply Co.

american eagle flats

Brand New Black Flats: $3
Brand: American Eagle

Either of these paired with some jeggings are perfect for almost any day of the week when the weather is warmer.

What great fashion finds did you get this week at the thrift store?

  1. Not a fashion item, but I found a mirror for my bathroom for $15.99–it’s an old, nice quality mirror that will fit perfectly above the sink. Now I just need to prime and paint the frame so I can hang it up–can’t wait to get rid of the hideous vanity/mirror cabinet that was left by the previous owners!

  2. Two Bodum Pavina double walled glasses — the kind my DH loves –for $0.49/each. List price on Amazon is $24 for 2!

  3. Dolce& Gabbana wallet 3.88. I looked it up online and it is the real deal. I found mossomo flats for 3.48 and baby phat jeans for $2.

  4. A big bag of cute maternity clothes! I paid $36 for a dress, 2 skirts, khakis, and several shirts.

  5. Schwinn roller blades for $5 and 2 brand new Aeropostale sweatshirts for $2

  6. Yesterday, I got a sweater, a velvet jacket, a pair of cute Ann Taylor shoes, 2 dresses and 3 shirts for $33!

  7. I feel the same way–that I stop in more than I should perhaps. But the three shops I frequent are near where I shop for everything else (so I’m not making special trips), and I continue to find great things. I found a lovely glazed planter for my orchid that was $2 reduced to $1 that still had its original $16.99 sticker on it. It looks wonderful on my kitchen counter now. I love the shoes you found.

  8. A basket full of wooden gingerbread boys, girls and candycanes, 1 worthington blazer with the tags on, a pair of dress slacks and matching sweater for the runt, 2 brand new tank tops, 3 ornaments still in the box, 2 books for the MIL, Klutz Friendship Bracelet book brandy new and a soap making kit with the molds and 4 bars of wrapped glycerine!! All this for <$35.00. Now how can you go wrong?

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