Thrifty Decorating: Using a Wooden Crate Box

Decorating can be fun, but also completely frustrating. There’s just not much in the budget these days for decorating, is there? That’s why I’m planning to post a weekly Thrifty Decorating tip.

Not only will I be sharing my ideas, but I would love for all of you to share your ideas with my readers as well. If you have some great thrifty decorating ideas, email them to me.

And I’m not sure if this would even be something you all would like, but I would like to post a link-up for all the bloggers out there that do thrifty and frugal decorating. Leave a comment below if this is something you might be interested in.

Now it’s onto my Thrifty Decorating tip of the week: Using a used wooden crate box.

Wooden Crate Box

Crates seem to be readily available in almost any thrift or antique shop that I enter. Sometimes you can even find these just being thrown away!

I purchased the above crate at a local thrift shop for $4. It was already painted and distressed, so I figured it was well worth $4 for me not to have to do any painting on it.

This decorating took place on a piece of furniture that is in my kitchen, so I included some cookbooks, a strainer and then dressed things up with a blue beaded necklace and a vase that I was gifted with.

Thrifty Decorating: Crate Box

I’m just loving the blue accents against my green walls! I also included a clipping from my golden pothos plant in an old glass drink bottle, and topped the books off with a fake apple. I’m not really digging the green strainer, so I may change it out with something else.

All of these items, except for the wooden crate, were things I had on hand. And here’s the bigger view:

Thrifty Decorating: Crate Box 2

Well, the top looks good right? The rest of it still needs some work, and you’ll see what else I do with this piece of furniture in a future post.

Do you have any ways that you like to use old wooden crates? What do you think of how I decorated with this one? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

And here’s a preview of my next project to tackle:

Fireplace Before

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  1. Hey I did that once and made it stand upright..had sunflowers (fake) kinda running up the crate to the top and had in facing crate side outward. The empty side faced the wall and held toilet paper and toilet brush in our guest bathroom it was such a nice way to “hide” things that need to be in the bathroom! Just another idea for ya

  2. Love it! I keep a similar crate at the bottom of the stairs for things that need to go up and one at the top for things that need to go down. I know it’s not necessarily decorative but it looks better than stuff on each stair! Lol

  3. Great idea Melissa! I’ll have to remember that for the next time we live in a house with more than one level.

  4. If I had that crate, I would turn it upside down and paint the American Flag on it and use as a table.

  5. I can’t wait to see what you do with the fireplace. We had a similar situation in our kids room. I used chalkboard paint (after my hubby made it flat of course) and the kids LOVE it! Cleans up very nice and it’s the one thing in their room I get tons of compliments on (crazy since I put a lot of work into their paint job as well, LOL! Oh well).

  6. I have two crates that sit in the living room and hold toys. One holds balls of all shapes and sizes and the other one holds stuffed animals.

  7. I have two that had metal and wood and have used them to hold my herb pots on the deck. In the summerthey are absolutely beautiful on the deck!

  8. I use my crate standing upright with a doily on top and a small lamp. Inside of it I roll lap sized throw blankets for guests to get cozy. Looks great in any room.

  9. I have a very large crate out back that held our travertine. I just went outside and sprayed it down with water, so it is now drying. I am considering taking two sides off to make a fence to one of my garden paths, and spray it with two bright colors, one navy and the other bright yellow. I am thinking and searching for ideas. Thank you for your site.

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