The Thrifty Mama Book Club – August Reading

I’m an avid reader.  In fact, I’m in the middle of about 7-8 books at the moment.  That, is how much I love reading.  At the end of the day after the kids are in bed, the blog posts are done, and the tweets are all dried up you can be sure to find me curled up on the sofa with a book in my hand.

I’m not sure how many of you out there are book junkies like I am.   I’m probably on the eccentric side.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that most people aren’t in the middle of 7-8 books.  But I know you love reading just like I do!  So that’s why I would really like to incorporate my love of reading in with my love of writing and blogging.  One of the reasons I do read so much is that I hope it will improve my writing.  And of course, there is also a love for learning.

So to start out with a bang, I’m featuring three books for my book club this August.  If you would like to participate in the book club, please don’t think that you have to read all three of these books.  In fact, I don’t necessarily expect you to even read one full book this month.  Everyone goes at different paces and reads differently.  I only hope that you will try and attempt some of these awesome reads.

It is my hope that this book club will be an encouragement to you.  In today’s busy lifestyle, we don’t always take the time to increase our knowledge and continue expanding our horizons.  As a busy Mom of two as well as a blogger, I have to make time for reading, and I sacrifice in a lot of other areas in order to have that “me time.”

So here is (some of) what I am reading for August, and I hope that a lot of you will join in with me:

Your Money: The Missing Manual by J.D. Roth. I recently met J.D. at Savvy Blogging Summit in Colorado. He’s a very inspiring person, and is the author of the blog Get Rich Slowly.  I’ve already read a few chapters of his book, and am excited to see the rest of it and share my thoughts on it with you.

Spilt Milk: Devotions for Moms by Linda Vujnov. I need a devotional or inspiring book to get me through the day sometimes. This one specifically speaks towards Moms who are living with a hectic lifestyle. The stories are humorous, down-to-earth and just seem very “real” to me, which is sometimes what I find lacking in many devotional books.

Green Mama: The Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet by Tracey Bianchi. This is one of three different “green” books that I am in the middle of reading. I like this one a lot because it is from a Christian’s perspective, and she’s very “non-pushy.” My motto is always that you should do what you can (as far as eating healthy and being green), and let God handle the rest. I never want to push or bully anyone into thinking that they are wrong because they can’t do something I am able to do.

So there are the three featured books for August.  Choose which one you think is best suited for you or go for all three. You should be able to find them at your local book store, library, or you can buy them online.  If you have a book that you would like to see featured and discussed in the coming months, please send me an email at crystal @ (remove spaces).

Join the discussion all month long in My Community, where we will share thoughts on these books, and discuss possible application for real life. What do you think of this month’s choices?  Will you be reading all or some of these books for August?

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  1. I am elated to see you are starting a book club! Ive looked for book clubs in my area, with no success. I am an avid reader of you blog and this just makes visiting your site even better. I already planned on taking the kids to the library tomorrow, but now I will also be looking to rent Spilt Milk for myself. I look forward to reading and discussing the book with you and your site guests! (I am also in the middle of 4 other books, so you are not alone!)

    • I am so glad you are joining me Tara! Spilt Milk is such an easy read, and I’m glad you’ve chosen that one. I love getting words of wisdom in easy snippets that help me make it through my hectic day.

  2. What a fun idea! But isn’t the thriftiest thing to get them out of the library? Happy reading to all!

  3. I would love to join your book club! I am in another one right now but its mostly frivolous books (which I still love to read) but cant wait to see which the library has today on your picks….YES I am another reader ALMOST like you …I usually have three books going at once and usually can finish one in a day or two..depending on the hectic times!

    • That is so funny Janet! I get sucked into a book so easily..I have to control myself sometimes so I can get housework and blog work done.

  4. I’m also thrilled that you are starting a book club! I have to log into my online job in a couple minutes so I can’t look closely at the first selections yet.

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