16 Tell-Tale Signs That You Might Be Thrifty

Thrifty Shopper

You Know You’re Thrifty When…

1. You know exactly how many miles you can drive your car after it reaches the empty line, until you run out of gas.

2. Your kids run around naked all day so that you have less laundry to wash (may or may not mean that you are also lazy).

3. You turn down a $75/100 Old Navy coupon, because you know you can get a better deal at a thrift store.

4. You won’t buy anything online unless you have a Swagbucks gift card for it.

5. You are distraught because your spouse came home with something he/she picked up at the store, and didn’t use a coupon!

6. You get upset when your total at CVS is over .50 cents.

7. You have 100+ different deal blogs and coupon sites in your bookmarks.

8. You have a compulsive tendency to pick up every coin you find dropped on the ground.

9. The stares you get when checking out at the grocery store no longer bother you.

10. You have CVS corporate on speed dial.

11. You find it humorous when you see someone in a store paying for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, make up, razors, ect..

12. toilet paper, soap, skin care products, baby wipes, and you can fill in the rest of this list without skipping a beat.

13. You develop a built in radar.  You can sense and locate any yard sale, thrift store or clearance bin within a 25 mile radius.

14. You refuse to buy a new TV, even though yours is from the stone age, cracked, always showing static, and gets two channels.  HDTV?  What is that?

15. You won’t shop Black Friday sales, because you know you can get a better deal watching for online deals every day.

16. You have 20+ Glucose Meters in your home, and no one in your family is a diabetic!

Okay you Thrifty Mamas and Papas out there,  what would you add to this list?

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  1. You save your childrens homework not for sentimental reasons but so you can use the blank side to print coupons.

  2. Love the list! On a serious note, if one really had extra diabetic supplies, and we know we all do, it would be nice to pass it forward to a local agency or charity. I’m sure there are people with no insurance right now that could use every little bit of help :)

  3. You get hand cramps from cutting so many coupons…

    You cringe when you have to pay full price for something

  4. When you accidently forgot your wallet when going to CVS and it didn’t matter anyway! 😀

    I’ve actually had this happen…I didn’t realize I forgot it until I got back into my car…:D

  5. When you are a SAHM, but your kiddos tell people that you do have a job…cutting coupons and finding deals.

    Or when your kiddos also know the coupon policies at stores and can tell the cashier, “No, that coupon CAN be paired with another one because…”

  6. your 3 year old knows that you need a coupon to pay for something at the store.

  7. Your biggest problem after shopping is not the dent in your wallet but finding a place in your pantry/medicine cabinet for your purchases.


    You get a little antsy when you go below a 2-month supply of an item and really anxious for a deal at the 1-month mark.

  8. when you can spend more on gas each month than all your groceries, clothing and other products combined.

  9. Hilarious! I know you probably weren’t going for comedy, but I was crackin’ up!! So true!

  10. You are too funny! So true, so true. I can’t STAND to buy without a coupon at the grocery store now! I will literally leave the store and come back another day/time when passing by with my coupon in hand!

  11. How funny! Actually earlier today I was walking by CVS with my toddlers and my 2 year old girl turns to me and says while pointing at CVS:”Coupons” (I guess because there are coupon machines in the store, or maybe because she knows how he mommy is obsessed….

  12. Totally agree with the posters that said their children know they can’t buy anything without a coupon, as does my 4 year old. He’s my coupon “spitter” spotter when we go down an aisle he watches for a spitter and screams at the top of his lungs..”MAMA A COUPON!!!” I love it!

    Oh another one…you’re done with your Christmas shopping in July with the summer 75% off toy clearance at Target.

  13. When your friends email asking where eggs or yogurt or WHATEVER is on sale this week.

  14. Oh my gosh! So true! That is totally me! Great post! (though I can never walk out of CVS anymore under one or two dollars because of the new tax issues. It drives me crazy!)

  15. You know your thrifty when….you pack your childs Birthday treat bags with travel size toiletries!

  16. LOVE IT!! Our household TV is the one I got from my parents when I was 16… and it still works great! :)

    One more… You know you’re thrifty when you have more Register Rewards and ECBs in your wallet than cash!

  17. When your toddler starts saying, “Mommy, I got a thurdy-dollah off a five dolla!” Translation: $30 off a $5 coupon. (And you actually wish they did have one!!)

  18. You know you’re thrifty when your 3 year old walks around calling her aunt on her pretend cell phone to make sure the deals are going through at Kroger before she pulls out her pretend coupons and counts them before putting the baby doll in the carseat and off we go…
    .-= Beth (drama)´s last blog ..Critical Spirit =-.

  19. 1. When your 6 yr old says in the middle of Publix, “Mama, I just love spending coupons instead of cash!”

    2. When all of your extended family looks forward to Christmas because they know they’re getting a reusable grocery bag packed FULL of groceries that they can use (especially that awesome little First Aid Kit)! (I giggle every time I see one of the Freshmatic units in my relatives’ homes all year long.)

  20. When your kid knows where everything is located on each aisle at CVS!

    When even your kid knows the cashiers name!(and has certain ones that she hugs!)

    When your kid stops asking the question “Can I have a ___?” and rephrases it to say “Do we have a coupon for ____?” (because you always tell them that you don’t have a coupon for that!).

    When your kid tells the lady behind you in line “My mom takes forever with coupons…you may want to move” (I always let people know that it may take me a little longer to check out as a courtesy to those in a rush…this is her paraphrasing!)

    When your child no longer wants to go out with you each and every time because they know that you are going to 10 stores!

    (These have all come from my 7 year old! She is hilarious!)

    .-= Lissa´s last blog ..Shopping Trips: Readers send in their own! =-.

  21. You instantly imagine all Christmas sets (lipgloss,candy,etc.) as 1/2-price,and start adding them to your December 26th shopping list the first time you see them.

    Then,you are at the storefront waiting around 4AM on December 26th,just to get things for 1/2 price.

  22. You kick yourself because you got something free with a coupon and find out you could have made $.50 next week.

    About the monitors~ I donate mine to a dietitian at church. She uses them for training at a nursing home.
    .-= Cherity´s last blog ..Free Lip Balm =-.

  23. LOL! So glad this is the first thing I read today! I love starting out with a smile!

  24. Number 5 is SO me! I tell my husband not to buy anything because I can usually get it cheaper! All the employees at Wal-Mart know my son by name! My sister’s Christmas shopping for the kids is done (50% off summer clearance!) Half the mail for my sis and my dad is refunds/ coupons/samples that I sent for in their names!

  25. I glance in other people’s carts and think…I have a coupon for that, coupon for that…..
    Sometimes I’ll even hand the person a coupon for their item if I know I’m probably not going to use it….Gave a girl $1 Herbal Essence coupon yesterday–it made her day!
    If you see another “couponer” and strike up a conversation with them, sharing sales, blogs, even if you’ve never met them before!

  26. You know you are thrifty when you freeze or can all your leftovers, so you can have a quick easy meal when you do not feel like cooking, and do not want to pay lots of $$ for take out.

    You also know you are thrifty when you are creative enough to get 3 or 4 totally different meals from the same leftovers!

  27. You lose your wallet and you arn’t worried about the credit cards, cash, ID etc, but you are worried about the amount of RR, ECBs, and coupons you lost.

  28. I COMPLETELY hear that one!!! I left my coupon wallet on the counter at CVS the other day and almost had a heartattack!!! Unpacked all 3 kids from their car seats (at least we hadn’t left the parking lot yet) and rushed back into the store to find it!

  29. You know your daughter is thrifty when you have guilt pangs at the checkout when you don’t have any coupons.

  30. This just happened to us! We went school clothes shopping without much prep and the cashier rang it all up. My 11 year old looked at me and said “We have to PAY for all of that?”

  31. I would have to add: you know you’re thrifty when “you look through all the shopping carts looking for stray catalinas” (or worse yet pick them up from the parking lot).

  32. every comment and the entire post IS ME!! i love this site and this post made my day!:)

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