Time With The Father

Tuesday Testimony

During the course of our sickness, my home became a disaster zone.  Literally, I don’t think I have seen a messier house.  And admist this chaos, my Ordering Your Private World book disappeared.  So my post will not be about the book this week.  I believe we should be on the final two chapters by next week,so go ahead and finish the book out, and pray that I find this book by next week.

For this week I wanted to talk a little bit about this concept of “Ordering Your Private World”.  It sounds strange to think that we need order inside.  A lot of New Age beliefs get it right on with some of the meditation exercises.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a promoter of New Age and paganistic views.  But I am a fan of things that promote creating an inner world of order and tranquility.

Before John the Baptist went out to preach his message, he was alone with God in the wilderness.  This was his training time when he prepared for what was coming ahead.  Before Jesus started his ministry on earth he did the same thing.  And Jesus often separated himself from the group in order to spend time in prayer.

It’s simple:  If we want a life that glorifies God, we need to be spending time with Him. Then, when the struggles and turbulent waters arrive in life, we are ready.  Jesus was ready spiritually, mentally and emotionally for what was going to happen to him.  You see this especially when he is praying in the garden right before his betrayal and arrest (Matt 26:35-42).  He did not want it to happen, but he told the Father he was ready to do His will. I don’t think Jesus could have said this and followed through unless his private world was in order.  Imagine the self-control it took Jesus to not call down the angels to free him from what was happening.  Praise God that he didn’t, for we all needed his sacrifice.

Let’s follow Jesus’ example, and spend more time with the Father.  Not just on Sundays, or even on Wednesday nights.  But let’s start spending as many waking moments with Him as possible.  As I have said before, it is important to have a set aside quiet time.  But I think it is just as important to repeatedly turn your thoughts to God throughout the day.  This is what I like to think of as a walking, daily relationship with the Lord.

If you find that circumstances are overwhelming you, and that you continually “break down” every time life becomes hard to handle, then it’s time to take action and seek out the Father.  And if it would help, find an accountability partner to keep you on your toes throughout the week.  Goodnight, and God bless!

  1. You couldn’t be more correct in how calming a daily walk with the Father is…I have seen His effect on me time and time again because I talk with Him throughout my day about everything, big and small. And He delights in my chatter and responds to me! Just ask Him to help you with WHATEVER you’re facing, and He will show you what to do…Praise the Lord!

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