Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Blu Ray & DVD Combo Pack for FREE at Target!

Here’s how to get Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Blu Ray & DVD Combo Pack for FREE at Target:

  1. Sign up or Log into your Disney Movie Rewards Account HERE.
  2. Enter gift into the code box.
  3. Print the $10 coupon that becomes available (hit the back button and you can print it twice if you like). If that doesn’t work, you can print the coupon HERE (IE) or HERE (FF).
  4. Print the $5 Target coupon HERE (picture of Transformers on it – valid on any Blu Ray).
  5. Go to Target and buy the movie ($19.99), use both coupons, and the price will be $4.99 + tax.
  6. Submit for one of the $5 rebates HERE (buy 2 Kernal Seasons products + Movie) and HERE (buy Tinkerbell Leapfrog book or game + movie) to end up with it for FREE!

Even if you don’t do one of the rebates, the movie ends up only being $4.99!  The combo pack comes with both the Blu Ray and the DVD versions.

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

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  1. I just signed up for disney rewards and entered code and it states “code you have entered has already been redeemed for points”

  2. I put in the code and it said push here to print… but it went back to the main screen again. So I retried to put in the gift code and it said that it was used. But I went into my account and it showed the coupon in my account. I was able to print it from there. You may want to try that one too!! I got mine printed now!

  3. Our Target has the regular DVD for $19.99 but the DVD/BluRay combo is $29.99??? Isn’t the coupon just for the one with the BluRay?

  4. I was just at Target and got 2 of these. The regular DVD is $14.99, the Blue-Ray/DVD combo is $19.99. Paige, maybe your Target just doesn’t have the sale tag up. I will have 2 very happy girls that LOVE Tinkerbell. This is an awesome deal.

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