Holiday Giveaway: $100 Gift Card to T.J. Maxx & Marshalls

This giveaway is now closed!  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

I’m always surprised by the low prices at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls when I go in.  It seems like one of those stores that I keep forgetting about when I’m making my shopping lists for gifts or needed household items.  But as soon as I walk in, I am loyal yet again.  If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, I recommend checking out one or both of these stores.  This is especially true if you are looking for toys.  I consistently saw prices on toys for 30-40% cheaper than  One of my favorite deals I saw was for Disney Princess and Disney Fairies purses, backpacks and dresses.  The prices ranged from $4.99-$9.99, which is more than 50% cheaper than other places.

Since I’ve already gotten both of my children their Christmas presents, I let my husband use the gift card that T.J. Maxx and Marshalls sent me to get himself a much needed new winter coat.  With the weather reaching record lows here in Georgia, his windbreaker and T-shirts weren’t cutting it.

Everywhere else I looked for a deal on this wool coat that he wanted, the prices were $100-$200.  Sorry, but this Thrifty Mama would have a conniption paying that amount.  At Marshalls, this coat was $69.99.  Not as cheap as a thrift store, mind you, but definitely the best deal to be had for those running out in the middle of winter to find a coat.  Believe me, I already scoped out the thrift stores, and they didn’t have anything near this nice!

And doesn’t he look handsome in it?

So what is it you are looking for?  Whether it’s a coat, toys, home decor or just much needed new clothes, one lucky reader is going to win a $100 gift card to spend at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Just leave a comment here on this post. That’s it!

For Extra Entries:

2. Tweet about this giveaway, 3. like The Thrifty Mama on Facebook or 4. Blog about this giveaway and leave an extra comment for each one you do. Be sure to link to where you blogged or tweeted.  Optional Tweet:

Enter to win a $100 GC for @tjmaxx & @marshalls via @crystalecollins #giveaways

Please be sure to read all giveaway guidelines and disclosures before entering.  This giveaway is sponsored by T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, and The Thrifty Mama received a gift card to spend in the stores.  All opinions are 100% real and honest.  Giveaway ends December 15, 2010 at 8pm EST.

Be sure to also enter to win a $25 voucher to The Nutty Guys (10 winners).

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  1. Yes I would love to win either one. LOVE both stores . I need a new winter coat BADLY!!!

  2. I like “love” you on FB. Thanks for all the great deals!!

  3. I think this is one of those times when “thrift” means paying a little more than you’d like for quality. He’ll have that coat for years to come, and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth!

  4. I would love to win this for myself…. I love this holiday time of year, but it does tend to be about everyone else… it would be a treat for just me!!

  5. oh my how I would love to win this I need winter coat , this would be awsome to win and have left over to get few stocking stuffers for my little girl, Thanks for chance:) plus I already “like” ya on FB..

  6. I would love to win this! I haven’t bought myself new clothing in ages!

  7. Thanks for the chance!!! I am in need of new clothes and home decor! What a great gift card :)

  8. my favorite shopping spot!! thanks for a great give away!!

  9. Love Love tj max…shop there for my boys especially Polo!!! Love all the great things you advertise it helps so much when you have a a HUGE family!!

  10. Pick Me!!! This would make Christmas $$ stretch a bit further!!

  11. LOVE, LOVE both of these stores and would LOVE to win!!

  12. I would get my husband new work clothes for his new job! He only has enough for about 4 or 5 days right now! Give him some more variety in his wardrobe!

  13. Love your site! :) It’s the best! Saved me tons of money this Christmas season! Would love to win the gift card and but some post-baby clothes! :)

  14. my winter coat broke (after 13 years I guess it was tired :) ) If I win I will definately be buying myself a warm coat (hello~~ Wisconsin…)

  15. Love the links to great deals via FB. Thanks so much!

  16. I would love to win….I love both of these stores…Bargain prices with quality product

  17. These two stores are my FAVORITE places to shop! Would love to win!

  18. Thanks for the contest! I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I am also a fan of yours on FB! Thanks again!

  19. Thank you! I would love to win and get something for myself for a change.

  20. I still have so much shopping to do! this would be great!

  21. I love TJ Maxx and would love to win this! Hubby and I both are in need of some new clothes. Thanks!!

  22. I got about 40% of my Christmas shopping done at Marshalls this year. I love the layaway option that most other stores got rid of. I use it year round for Birthdays and just for me things.

  23. I’d love to win that gift card!! I’d spend it on a KitchenAid mixer or replace my winter sweaters that I gave up 3 yrs ago when we moved south. Theres a chance we are moving north again.. I need sweaters!

  24. Awesome giveaway!!! Woohoo!! I’m gonna win! I’m gonna win! I’m gonna win! (I’m practicing positive thinking.) Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Wow maybe I could buy for myself if I won this one! Always buying for the kids you know?

  26. I was in Marshalls the other day and I saw a whole bunch of cute Christmas decorations that I would LOVE to have. I recently bought a house and need to decorate it inside for the holidays for my kiddos.

  27. I would love this. I am almost 8 months pregnant and still in need of baby stuff!!! Thank you for all of your great deals!

  28. Love TJMaxx and Marshall’s both. Could definitely use the card to get winter wear for me, the kids and the dogs!

  29. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. There are some really good deals to be had – if you keep your eyes peeled!

  30. Enter me : ) Would love to win, I got some awesome deals at TJ Maxx lately, i.e., strawberry shortcake doll with DVD for 2.00, and GI Joes for 3.00. Love that place.

  31. Same here – I tend to forget about these stores and then am amazed when I make it in and see their low prices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Yes..he is handsome! I would love to ba able to get my handsome hubby something new. He SO deserves it! Thanks for all your hard work!

  33. I like you on FB too! Love getting the updates right away…….

  34. I haven’t bought clothes for myself that weren’t maternity in over 4 years! I would love to win

  35. Ooh! I would love to win this! I desperately need some new clothes but can’t swing it right now. This would be wonderful!

  36. I would love to win this! My one year old is growing so fast, I can’t seem to keep him in footie pajamas!

  37. I love both of those stores too. My boys need winter boots and gloves… hubby needs a new coat as well!! Thanks :)

  38. I would love this! I am saving for an ipad and this would be great! :)

  39. I love shopping for my home – I need to get bedding for my sons room and also our guest room – TJ Maxx is the best place! Great bargains to be found for sure!

  40. I agree – this is a great place to shop. Homegoods is awesome too!

  41. I was literally just in tj maxx, looking for shoes for the hubby, they didn’t have much for shoes for him but OMG I saw so much I wanted to buy for myself!!!!

  42. I could really use this to buy new clothes none of my clothes fit since Ive been so sick!

  43. Awesome giveaway! I could totally use this to buy new workout clothes.

  44. I love Marshalls!! When we went camping in October I went there to get our daughter warm clothes and tennis shoes! And I, just like you, have that same loyal feeling when I go in there after forgetting about it for a while! So funny! :)

  45. I’ve always wanted to try these stores ~ can’t wait to see if I win!

  46. I would love to win this gift card so I can finish up my christmas shopping. Like you said, Crystal, I never think to go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls to shop, but now I think I am gonna go check it out.

  47. I need to find a sweater for our son, a new coat for me, and shirts for my MIL! (we just bought my hubby a coat that is almost identical at Kohl’s, a bit more expensive but TJ Maxx was out of the ones in his size.)

  48. I could sure use it for a family I know that is always giving.

  49. I might actually shop for ME for once instead of the kids. My wardrobe is very outdated.

  50. Would LOVE to win the gift card! They have great deals on baby clothes – and I’d love to use it to buy clothes for a local baby with young parents that can’t afford to put her in new clothes.

  51. We just got a TJMaxx! Would love to win. My 11 yr old is growing like a weed and they have great deals!

    I also follow u on FB. My mom had bought my 2yr old the imaginext ocean boat and pd full price. Yesterday thanks to you she got it for 20 and is taking the other back and gets to buy him moren

  52. I like you on Facebook! I would get something for my husband too, he always gets the shorter end at Christmas as he gives so much to make sure the children get what they want.

  53. I LOVE TJ MAXX! I could spend tons of money in there on clothes, shoes, accessories and especially home goods! I have to stay away!

    I’d have to use the giftcard for our new baby coming in March!

  54. I love these stores…they are great places to shop for toys and books!

  55. Merry CHRISTmas! Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  56. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls! It is a great place to buy towels, pans and rugs. I could use some of those!

  57. I Love T.J. Maxx and Marshalls and have gotten some great deals there!

  58. Love Marshalls…it’s the only store around. I buy clothes/shoes for my family and most of my children’s toys there.

  59. Would love to win this! HUGE TJMAXX and MARSHALLS fan! Love them! Love this site! Thanks for the chance!

  60. would love to win something!!! Love your blog especially organic deals!!

  61. This would defenitely help out after the holiday shopping I did for the family!

  62. Ooooh, I really could use some new clothes! I haven’t shopped for myself for a year now. I’m in a Mom rut!

  63. Would go on a “me” shopping trip!! Although, I would probably end up buying for my family too !! LOL

  64. This would be great. New underwear…socks without holes…oh to dream!

  65. i would love to be able to win and get my parents some nice gifts!!!

  66. This would be great to use at my Homegoods as well since it is connected to TJMaxx. Happy shopping to the winner… whoever he or she may be!

  67. I would LOVE to win this! I love love love Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

  68. love, love, love these stores! I just found some great christmas deals for the kiddos there this past weekend!

  69. I could really use this. My poor hubby never buys hisself nice clothes anymore. With me and our 3 kids he always seems to put his self last. God bless him. He is a great man

  70. I would love a TJ Maxx gift card! I would share it with my sister, who also love TJ Maxx!

  71. I would LOVE this to buy a Le Creuset pan I have been eyeing!


  72. I love TJ Maxx. I would be very excited to win this giveaway!

  73. I “like” the Thrifty Mama on Facebook!
    khpowell at gmail dot com

  74. I would love to use this to go towards redecorating my bedroom!

  75. Oh Yeah! This is a great giveaway!!! Sign me up! My hubby needs a coat too, haha!

  76. For my 2nd entry I have “liked” The Thrify Mama for awhile now and saved lots too 😉

    Megan Hixson Reed

  77. I too forget about these stores, but they are great and we just got one close to us!

  78. I love these stores for jusst about everything at a great price. I would spend it on clothes for both hubby and I.

  79. Would LOVE to win this! I’m repairing/redecorating a lot of my house after raising 3 rowdy boys. I love their prices on home items! Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  80. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who waits until winter to buy new winter coats–my poor kids both need one! I’d love to win this gift card!

  81. We need some home decor, baskets for toys, frames, pillows – and kids books – they have a great selection of books, puzzles, toys for kids.

  82. Comment! Here’s my comment! I already like you on FB and I don’t tweet so this is my one chance! :-) Thanks.

  83. Hey, I would love to win this! My husband needs a new winter coat, too!

  84. I do most of my shopping there, I love the clothes and the prices!

  85. I really do love your blog. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now.
    I really love Marshall’s and TJ Maxx too! As a matter of fact, I was just at the Marshall’s in Watertown, CT today getting Christmas presents. They have a great selection of name brand clothing, gifts and I love the gourmet food section. You can make a food gift basket (which is something I’ve done in the past).

  86. This would be nice to get myself some new pants. I have been loosing weight, so everything is getting too big.

  87. I love shopping at both stores. I would get my husband some long johns he needs for work and then I would try and get as much as possible in the toy department and donate to the local childrens hospital.

  88. I think I would use it to send to my mother in law for her Christmas present…. she is a Nordstrom shopper and I think she would be INCREDIBLY impressed at ALL that she could get with that much at Marshalls or TJ’s! I LOVE THEM! :)

  89. i would love to win . it sure would make my christmas merry and brite. the things i could buy for my family i would be so ever gratful. thanks for the opportunity!

  90. I definitely would get a matching sheet set and comforter for our master. We haven’t had that yet, as it is lower on our priority list. :) It would be fun to win!

  91. This would be great to buy my hubby some clothes for Christmas.

  92. I would love to win this! I love discounts too and love Tjmaxx and Marshalls.

  93. Oh, this would be perfect for us! I desperately need a new coat and found one I love at TJ Maxx only to be faced with some financial issues that led me back to my sweaters and jacket…I would definitely put this card to good use in chilly Philly!

  94. I recently saw a really cute wool coat there . this would be fabulous if I won.

  95. I heart these stores. I never leave there disappointed!

  96. Would love to go shopping for myself! I get great children’s books at TJ Max.

  97. Wow! This is awesome. TJ Maxx & Marshalls are two of my favorite stores. Just ask my husband. :) Your blog is so helpful. Thanks!

  98. Hi thrifty mama I enjoy your website, I check it every day. With four kids I could make good use of the tjmaxx gift card, but perhaps I’d treat myself (finally) to some cheap high end cookware! Thank you for the opportunity.

  99. i would love to win this, since i’m still not finished with my christmas shopping!

  100. A cute New Year’s Eve outfit. I love TJ Maxx & Marshalls!
    Thanks for the chance.

  101. Wow! This would be awesome to win! It would definitely help out!

  102. I would love this! I recently lost over 120 pounds and need an entire new wardrobe!

  103. I still have a couple gifts to buy and I’m currently on a budget. $100 would definitely make my shopping a lot easier. Thanks.

  104. Me Me Me PLEASE!!! I so need this for Christmas shopping that I don’t think is going to happen as it is!!!

  105. I adore both of these stores – I just graduated with my Master’s degree and this would really help me with purchasing some new clothes for job interviews!

  106. By the way…He looks very handsome in his new coat! Great deal!

  107. How awesome that would be to win a gift card-I shop at both TJMaxx and Marshalls –they have an amazing gifts for little money. Thank you sooooooooo much for posting this

  108. i hope i win! i love marshalls. this will be great for xmas shopping

  109. would love this! the kitchen section at TJ Maxx is my downfall!

  110. Wow, thanks! My husband needs a new winter coat too – the zipper on his (thrift store) down coat is broken pretty badly so we’re looking for bargains!

  111. ohhh pick me, this would be a great birthday present for me!

  112. Love Kohl’s – looking for new clothes, since my clothes are now too big :-) (just lost weight on a diet)
    and always looking for gifts and home decor….

    • Love Marchall’s & TJ Max! – looking for new clothes, since my clothes are now too big :-) (just lost weight on a diet)
      and always looking for gifts and home decor….

  113. I’ve got a couple of home decor and kitchen items on my list. Sign me up!

  114. I would buy some clothes for myself (something I never do) and also some other things we could use for the house like sheets. I love T.J. Maxx!

  115. Great coat for your husband! Looks nice!
    Thanks for the contest!

  116. I’d love to win! I wish I lived closer to these stores – I’d probably shop there a lot.

  117. Love both stores! Finally my teenage daughters understand the savings here versus the mall!

  118. Well look at the handsome model you posted on your blog..:-). Gotta love those helpers.
    Thanks for offering this great giveaway! Merry Christmas Crystal ! Thanks for all you do. Your blog is one of my favorites!

  119. I really liked the coat you got for your husband at tj maxx

  120. I would love to win the certificate! It would be a blessing! Also thanks for all the hard work in finding the GREAT deals! Merry Christmas!

  121. I love both those stores and consistently find great deals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. I love these stores! I was at TJ’s today looking for a dress for a wedding!

  123. thanks for the giveaway – been following on facebook for a while now.

  124. Love TJ Max especially when the kids keep out growing everything.

  125. We have four young children so there is always a need for new clothes, shoes or toys.

  126. I tweeted this message on twitter:

    Enter to win a $100 GC for @tjmaxx & @marshalls via @crystalecollins #giveaways
    3 minutes ago via web

  127. A family in my neighborhood is having a tough holiday as the dad just lost his job. I would sneak the card into their mailbox.

  128. What a wonderful gift this will be for someone. Hopefully me!!

  129. I feel the same way… I always forget about their great deals until I get in the store! Then i think to myself, why has it been so long since I was here!

  130. Would love to win. Expecting a little one and could definetly put it to good use!

  131. I would give it to my son for Christmas as he has been unemployed for over a year and just now back to work at his job making about 1/4 of what he use to make. That would make him very happy.

  132. I would love to will the gift card and look for bargains like you guys did on the awesome coat of your husbands!

  133. I love TJ Maxx!!! I often ask for Tj Maxx gift cards for my birthday b/c I can always find something I like :-)

  134. have a toddler and a baby on the way…. need all we can get.

  135. I would love to win this for clothes for myself for once!!

  136. It would be so nice to have money for a gift for my immediate family as we’ve already dedicated our funds to extended family!

  137. I really Love this holiday season and how great would it be to have a little help! Happy Holidays Everyone!

  138. I would love to win so I could get my son some more uniforms for school.

  139. Oh my, this would be so great to win, I love those stores!!

  140. This would give me another chance to check out these stores, that as the author mentioned, I forget to check out for those great deals, for my 2 babies, my husband & myself!



  143. I’d love, love, love to win this! I’d wait until after Christmas and then shop to my heart’s content at TJ Maxx!

  144. This is an awesome giveaway! I need winter clothes something bad. I’ve lost 65 pounds and none of my warm clothes fits anymore.

  145. Loooove me some T.J. Maxx and Marshalls! I also forget how great these two are but am always reminded when I step foot in them. :0)

  146. Marshalls and TJ Max definitely have the best deals on home decor.

  147. I would love to win the T.J. Maxx gift card. I really need some new clothes badly!!

  148. I am lucky to Marshalls and TJMaxx! They are the first place I go when I need something and also the first place where I browse! I got a great dress this past summer and this fall found great sled… now we are waiting for snow.


  149. I would love to win this and use it all on me for a change!

  150. I’d luv to win! Thanks for the chance:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  151. I love seeing what deals there are for us thrifty shoppers! Thanks for getting this info out to us. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are very affordable and offer great brands. $100 dollars shopping at either store would be a treat!

  152. PLEASE enter me in this contest! I lost 20 pounds this year and am halfway to my goal weight. I am in desperate need of clothes that fit, but don’t want to spend a lot on these “transitional” clothes.
    I “joined” The Thrifty Mama on FB. I didn’t see a “Like” button. Am I missing something???

  153. Love TJ Maxx. It would be an answer to prayer to win this right now!

  154. Would love to win so that I can buy myself some new clothes.

  155. I loove TJMaxx… I have found some awesome deals there in the past and I’d love to win a giftcard!

  156. Love TJ Max…thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays.

  157. This would be great to win- thanks for the opportunity!

  158. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. I would LOVE to go in & actually buy something for me! (selfish huh?)

  160. Please, please pick me. I would love to get my son some toys and books. T.J. Maxx has such good prices on both!!

  161. I could use new shower curtains for both bathrooms. They are literally coming apart at the seams!

  162. This would be an awesome giveaway to win! Thanks for everything you do!!!

  163. Would love this! Christmas shopping is finished so I could shop for ME!

    • I accidentally submitted two comments and am unsure how to delete one!

  164. Would love to win this, need to get more work clothes!

  165. I’m getting ready to go overseas for a few years and I’m trying to stock up on some educational toys for my little girl. I’ve had my eye on some Melissa and Doug toys at our TJ Maxx…would love to win this one! Thanks for all of the great deals that you bring us!

  166. Love the new coat on your husband!! Great idea to look there for a new coat….might be on my shopping list tomorrow! Would love to win something!

  167. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are 2 of my favorite stores. We find clothes, household products, and toys there.

  168. I am in love with TJMax!!!! Would love to get extra spending money! Thank you, thrifty mama for great giveaways!

  169. I would love to win this to get some more holiday shopping done!

  170. After losing 10 sizes, a GC like this could really come in handy for some new clothes 😉

  171. Love those stores! I never know what I’m going to find-but I always find something great!

  172. I would love to win this to buy clothes for my 3 kids. I lost my job and this would make a g00d xmas.

  173. Considering I have a TJ Maxx practically just down the street, the gift card would be sweet!

  174. It’s time to put together a guest bedroom–before the guests arrive. Sheets and towels would be a great place to start.

  175. oh my, we could use a little bit of everything around here…shoes and sheets are the first things that come to mind!

  176. This may sound dumb but my daughters and I wanted to donate to the salvation army drive for the kids presents, but we simply couldn’t afford to this year. If I won a gift card we would love to buy some gifts for the kids on the angel tree. Thank you!

  177. I would love a g/c from TJ Maxx, we need several things for the house.

  178. I “like” the Thrifty Mama on FB! I ♥♥♥ the Thrifty Mama!

  179. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I sure could make use of this gift card.

  180. Wow – I love TJ Maxx – this would be awesome to win – thanks Carmen

  181. Ha… sister swears I’ve got hidden stock in TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I certainly wish I did!!

  182. This would help out since my husbands birthday is in January and we are out of money after Christmas!

  183. Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome gift cards!

  184. I would love to win and stretch it to bless many others…
    Merry Christmas ya’ll!

  185. I shop at those stores all the times! I could use new clothes!

  186. I would love to win this!!! Since my son went to basic training this summer and lost a lot of weight, none of his clothes fit. He is loving his new look and has become quite the clothes horse. It would be so much fun to take him on a shopping spree.

  187. I would love to win a gift card. I have lost 70 lbs. and need new clothes.

  188. I love checking out your deal, tips and suggestions for being frugal. I love TJ Maxx and Maarshall’s–it always a surprise to see what you can find !! Merry Christmas

  189. I have been eyeing a coat at TJ MAX!! I love it there!

  190. What a great giveaway! TjMaxx was one of my first forays into thriftier shopping. LOVE that store! I could get quite a winter wardrobe with that gift card…or maybe a jump start on Christmas for next year. :)

  191. Would love to see what we can get after the holidays on a great discount for next year.

  192. I love Marshall. My favorite place toshop. Thanks for the entry.

  193. not pregnant, not nursing…..time to buy new clothes for mama!

  194. I would love to get my teenage sons some name brand clothes

  195. I am looking to buy a nice kettle with no seams to rust. Would love to win. Never been a shopper in either store.

  196. Love your site and deal matchups. Thanks for this giveaway.

  197. Ooh, great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! By the way, I also find organic and natural food novelties there. Great prices :)

  198. I love T.J. Maxx! You just never know what kind of treasures you might find there. Would love to win!

  199. I would LOVE to win this and buy myself a christmas gift! I really need some new things for the house.

  200. Thanks Thrifty Mama for all your help saving! Fun times!!

  201. Wow – what a great giveaway. Thanks for doing this.

  202. I would love some new shoes! I wear mine thin and it’s about time I replace a few.

  203. Oh goodness…this would be so great to use for Christmas presents…times are tight for everyone right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  204. The cold has hit us hard in Charleston SC too! I’d love to stock up on warm weather gear.

  205. We all need coats. Went all last winter blizzards and all with no winter coat only had hood to wear. I froze.

  206. I really need a new suit for some (hopefully) upcoming interviews. This would really help!

  207. I’m not much of a shopper, but I know these stores have good deals. Thanks for offering!

  208. this’ll be great for new clothes after the new baby comes (for me!)

  209. Of course there’s already almost 600 entries… b/c TJ Maxx is AWESOME. I find fabulous stuff there all the time!

  210. This would be great for some home stuff. 2 years after moving in, our house still has bare walls!

  211. I’ll love to buy toy whit this gift card, I am a big fan of TjMaxx

  212. ohhhh please! Please pick me! I LOVE TJ MAXX and would love to have another reason to go by and check out all of their cool stuff.

  213. My favorite place to shop is TJ Maxx. Great place to find quality bargains!!

  214. Love these stores. Particulary the shoes for little girls at Marshalls. And I bought myself a wool coat there this year too. It was only 34.99!

  215. I love Tj maxx & Marshall’s……..almost as much as I love your website!

  216. Would absolutely love love love to win this!!!! Huge fan of T.J. Maxx’s and Marshall’s! They have the best kids clothes and toys for a great price!!!! Thanks for all the great giveaways!!!!

  217. This would be so useful…my 11 month old son outgrows his clothes every month I think!

  218. like you on facebook! that wasnt hard! love the newsletter!

  219. I’m not sure if this giveaway is for Canadians (I know your guidelines said you’d mention if it was) but I thought I’d comment anyway. I LOVE TJMaxx…we don’t have it here but I live close to the Michigan border and we shop there all the time. Your husband’s coat looks awesome! I just bought a great Guess wool coat for over $150 less than I would have paid here in Canada at TJMaxx! Visiting from BlogFrog.

  220. I LOVE TJ Maxx! I pick up presents for my family and coworkers there each year.
    Can’t wait to see if I win!

  221. Your husband does look handsome! I love TJ Maxx and would love to win this gift card. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  222. I love those stores! You can get so many unique things there!

  223. I no longer shop at the mall thanks to TJ Max and Marshalls. I’m addicted.

  224. would love to go shopping at TJMaxx and get some great deals! thanks.

  225. I would love to win this!! I really need to buy some winter items for my family!!

  226. I could definitely use this for my 4 & 5 yr old for the holidays.

  227. Oh this would be so nice….to but something for myself for a change! I also am in need of a new winter coat!

  228. whoohoo! this would be so nice to win!!! Mama needs some new clothes!

  229. Love both stores! Could definitely use something like this for my holiday shopping!

  230. I would love to win this and get a new set of clothes for teaching. Thank you!

  231. Would love to win my 5 year old has outgrown everything within a matter of weeks.

  232. what a great giveaway!!! I would buy a dressy dress for myself!

  233. What a great giveaway! I am in dire need of a new winter coat!

  234. I love Marshalls! Especially for great prices on name brand jeans and shoes. I also think they have a great kitchen section with unusual items for the home. :) Thanks!

  235. and I Like you on facebook – that is my best source of deals!

  236. Marshalls has become my favorite place to shop! This would be a great win!

  237. I would give it to my children’s school for the family in need. They are a 6 person household that lost their home to foreclosure and have no health insurance. the husband broke his back and has been trying to get back to work, the mother has MS and one child with Epilepsy and another with COPD. They are in need of items for a rental they were able to find recently.

  238. By far my favorite stores to shop! Always great bargains and good selection. PLEASE pick me!

  239. What a wonderful giveaway. Would love this one to finish up shopping.

  240. We could really use this for clothes for my husband since he lost alot of weight.

  241. I would love to win this. This time of year is hard on my wallet. I could get my husband something really nice for Christmas.

  242. TJ Max here I come. I am always doing for others, how about something for myself? 😉
    Crossing my fingers and toes.. lol

  243. I just drove past TJ Maxx today and thought, “I would love a gift card from there for Christmas!” :)

  244. We’re having another baby so I would use this giftcard to buy some new clothes!

  245. You’re the best for doing this. I share your blog with everyone!

  246. I “like” you on facebook. =) This would be a great one to win too! =) I could definitely use some new clothes!

  247. I follow you on twitter and tweeted…Enter to win a $100 GC for @tjmaxx & @marshalls via @crystalecollins #giveaways. Thank you, tweetn_mom

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