Tonight’s Stop Into Kroger for a Free Movie

I stopped into Kroger this evening to pick up a free movie from Redbox. Have you picked up yours yet? Well I can’t go into Kroger without checking for markdowns in the organic section, and I was happy to find organic yogurt marked down to $1.49 per tub!

I saw that organic bananas we on sale for $0.69 cents per pound, so I grabbed some of those, t0o. The cashier rang them up accidentally as regular bananas at $.55 cents per pound. After pointing this out to her, she told me thanks for my honesty and that she would let me have them for .55 cents per pound anyway!  Score!

I can’t wait to enjoy some banana smoothies in the morning for breakfast! Now to go watch TRON Legacy. What are you watching for free tonight?

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  1. what did you think of TRON? we watched that the other night and i was kinda bored…enough action but the story line was…..flat?!?!

    • We just finished it. A lot of it was just way over my head. Very artsy movie. I may have to watch it again just to understand some of it.

  2. We watched Life As We Know It. It was predictable but so very sweet. Love managers specials. We always check out the organic section for markdowns.

  3. I’m so jealous that you have marked down yogurt at your store! My favorite store never has markdowns, except VERY rarely on meat. Can you use coupons on Marked down yogurt? I’ve been printing coupons from the Stonyfield Farms website that would work on what you bought.

    • Yes you can use coupons on marked-down items. I score big that way sometimes on things like yogurt and cheese.

    • Yes you can use coupons on mark downs, and I was so sad I didn’t have them with me when I went. Sarah – if items are about to go out of date (usually within 2-3 days) you can ask them to mark them down and they will.

      • That is a GREAT idea Crystal! I’m definitely going to check the expiration dates try this next time I’m at the store.

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