Toxic-Free Ant Remedy + Gardening Updates


Ants moved into my watermelon and cantaloupe mounds, so I don’t know if the plants will survive and recover.  However, I did need to remedy the situation quickly and make sure the ants don’t make it into the rest of my garden. My remedy: instant grits.  They work because the ants eat them and they die because grits swell in their bellies.  Gruesome, I know.  But if you need to get rid of ants naturally, this is the best way I have found to do it.  If you have mounds in your yard, pour some instant grits on there, wait a couple days and repeat.  Repeat until the ants are no more.

And onto my gardening updates.  My garden has exploded and I worry that some things are getting a little crowded.  I’m considering moving my pumpkin plants (even though they are the small pumpkins), because they are crowding into my tomatoes and bell peppers.



And I have so many tomatoes coming forth, I’d better start preparing for canning and salsa making. More to come on these.  If you are gardening along with me, I’d love to hear your updates!  And if you are blogging about it, be sure to share a link to your posts!

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  1. What are instant grits?

    I’ve tried a few things, including the icing sugar and baking soda, it might have worked a bit but not great, always looking for other non-toxic options 😀

  2. I’ve tried it on more than once occasion. It just makes them move a few feet over…worse they divide and multiply. Dry rice leads to the same effect.

    I’ve yet to find a remedy, toxic or otherwise, that will truly end an ant problem.

  3. I have used the instant grits on fire ants here in South Texas and have had some success with it. I am already canning tomatoes, freezing zucchini, drying herbs, and WEEDING…ugh…and I am so glad to watch you and your garden grow as well.

  4. Hi Crystal! I would definitely move your pumpkin plants – they’ll take over everything unless you provide them with a very sturdy trellis to climb. :)

  5. Your garden looks great to me!! Thanks for the tip on the instant grits, I will definitely keep that in mind if I see any ants. My husband and I are attempting a vegetable garden for the first time this year. (I linked to my only post about it so far) We had to put up a fence to keep the bunnies away and I’m spending a lot of time trying to keep the grass out. It’s funny, the grass is growing better in our garden than in our yard!! I’ll be happy if we see any “crops” out of it!!

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  6. Where can I learn about canning? Do you have a book suggestion or a website/blog you use? What kind of canning will you be doing? I only know that there are different methods because I searched and was overwhelmed. Didn’t find a good resource though.

    • The best resource I know of is the Ball Blue Book of Canning. I picked it up last year on clearance at Target. I’ve never done any canning before, so this will be another experiment for me that I will of course have all of you tag along with.

  7. Call up the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (mormons). I have found many talented canners there and am great friends with them now because of their canning skills. They were very helpful.

  8. Thanks for the info. I planted my pumpkins close to everything else as well…. so might have to move them!!

    We’re in Illinois, so no veggies growing up to eat yet 😀

  9. Oh my, I hope you can find a better non-toxic remedy that does not involve swelling the ants to death! Otherwise, the garden looks yummie.

  10. using Equal (the sugar substitute) works similarly.. i believe you can pour it on the ant hill either in powder form or after you mix it into some water.. it doesn’t make them swell but because it isn’t real sugar they can’t digest it, so it kills them.. and it isn’t necessarily toxic

  11. I’ve also found many Mormon gals who know how to can. Great resource!

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