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It’s finally here!!  I’ve been sitting on pins and needles all week hoping that Disney was going to release a coupon for Toy Story 3.  After all, it is releasing next week!  Talk about waiting until the last minute.  Go HERE to print an $8 coupon for Toy Story 3 on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack.  The coupon expires November 8, 2010.  Here are the best deals to be found:

Disney Store

Pre-Order for $26.99 and get a $10 off any item or $20 off $40 purchase coupon + a free 3D pictograph.  Makes it $18.99 + possibly $10 in free stuff IF you get that coupon vs. the $20 off $40 purchase coupon.  Thanks My DFW Mommy!

Toys R’ Us

Pre-Order for $5 and get $10 off of another DVD purchase.  Combine this with the $5 Tinkerbell or Beauty and the Beast Coupons for a fairly good deal.  Makes it $21.99 total for Toy Story 3, unless you pre-orded with the Beauty and the Beast deal and still have a gift card from the Tinkerbell deal.

Amazon (can’t use the printable coupon with these deals)

Do you know of any other deals for Toy Story 3?

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  1. Kroger has a deal. Buy either the DVD or Blu-Ray combo pack and get a free box of Capri Sun 100% Juice (10 count box) and a 5 pack of Macaroni and Cheese by Kraft. Use the coupon and get the Blu-Ray for 21.99, plus $6 in free groceries!

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