Tropical Traditions: Free Shipping Coupon Code (Today Only)

Today only, Monday, September 20, 2010, get free shipping on any order with coupon code 10910 at check out. This is the company that sells organic coconut oil and other great organic products.  Many people claim that they prefer this coconut oil to the Nutiva brand, especially since it comes in glass containers vs. plastic.

Check out more details and see the sales going on right now HERE.

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  1. Is Tropical Traditions really so much better than Nutiva? I only ask because Nutiva’s 1 gallon coconut oil right now is $49.99 and free shipping on all orders over $30. And, Tropical Traditions 1 gallon is $70 w/ free shipping for today. Its a big enough price difference for me to try Nutiva instead of Tropical Traditions.

    • I like them both and don’t really notice much of a difference Kelli. So I agree with you. Some people swear by Tropical Traditions though, and will only buy from them. To each their own :)

  2. Please tell me how you are using coconut oil. Are you using it in your food, on your skin or to clean with? I am interested in knowing if this is something I would like to try. Thank you

    • I use it in our food. Replace your other oils and butter with it. I also use it in my hair and as a moisturizer. Coconut Oil is actually ant-bacterial and is great for skin problems. :)

    • I use it mostly with cooking. I also like that it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. I use it for an all over body cream/oil. I use it for a base for the majority of my essential oils. It is a good mouthwash, it helps fight against a large variety of bacteria (recommended to swish and gargle in your mouth for a few minutes).

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