Regarding Tuesday Testimony, The Lord, Life and Blogs

My Tuesday Testimonies have affected so many people reading my blog, and they have been a blessing to me as well. However, I’m sensing an alarming trend moving forth with my readers and my blog, and I feel the Lord leading me to discontinue these posts.  I feel that in some cases, some women are beginning to emulate me when they should be looking to God. And in other cases, I feel constantly scrutinized, when I merely want to be a blessing to others.  This post is taking far too much out of me, and it’s time for me to take a break from it for this season in my life.

Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom said it best when she decided it was time to put a stop to her two other blogs:

“…as my readership has grown, it has been increasingly difficult for me to find the balance between what I should and shouldn’t share in a public forum. There are many readers from differing beliefs and backgrounds here and most of my posts–no matter the topic–receive scrutiny and criticism. Composing posts has become much more time-consuming as I don’t want to purposefully offend or communicate in a way which is misunderstood.

I’m finding I just do not have the time I once had to carefully construct substantial posts and having our parenting decisions and personal beliefs constantly criticized is wearing me down and stealing my joy. I’d rather just focus on quietly loving the Lord and loving my family.

I’ve also seen a dangerous epidemic taking place in the blogosphere of women seeking to emulate other bloggers they read instead of seeking to follow Christ. It has concerned me to sense a growing number of women looking to me for counsel when instead they should be going to the Lord, their husbands, or wise older women.”

Read her full post HERE.

Following the Lord’s leading, I feel I must do with my Tuesday Testimony post as she did with her two other blogs.

However, this does not mean I am removing the Lord from my blog.  He is the reason for everything I do.  I will continue to share thoughts, spiritual accountability and Christian friendship with others in the Prayer & Spiritual Support Section on my new Forums.  I would love for you to join me there on occasion as we work together to focus on the Lord, and grow in wisdom and love for one another.  Thanks to all of you that have made these posts such a blessing for me, and please don’t feel discouraged by this.  There is a season for everything.  There was a time for teaching, and now it is my time for quietness and learning. I hope to see you in the Prayer & Spiritual Support section!

  1. As someone who came to your blog for the deals, I’m glad for removing non-deal posts. Religious and personal beliefs vary between your readers, but it doesn’t matter, because the thing that brings us all hear are the great ways to live better for less.

  2. It is such a shame that you feel as if you cannot do what you want to do with your blog. I always appreciate learning more about the person who cares so much to take time out of their busy schedule to help people they have never met. I always love to find the button that lets me read about the poster and their family. If people don’t want to read through the non-deal stuff then let them find another blog. It kinda reflects upon the people who forget what this country was founded on and want God removed from everything. I say, “go find another country”. If you ever spend time on another country you will be thankful for what we have here. In high school (some 25+ years ago) I was an exchange student and am so thankful for that opportunity. It made me love this country and what we have here all the more. But always be true to yourself and where God is leading you. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you.

  3. hugs mama. I will miss your snipits of personal story. I love to hear about pregnancies, births the little joys in life. I will admit that leaving the religious posts out will not be missed by me. :) nothing to your personal religion. Just doesn’t speak to me like your other posts do!
    .-= Kriket´s last blog ..Dentaburst Freebie =-.

  4. First of all, I love your blog & I know you will continue to be blessed in your ministry for your obedience to the Lord’s leading! While I know many will miss this post, Im confident our Father will give you new and exciting opportunities to share your faith. Those seekers who have become dependent on your wisdom will find Him when they seek Him with all their hearts. Hold on to your joy and to your calling!
    Psalm 46:10
    Your Sister,

  5. Are you sure about this? I will miss this aspect of your blog very much. There are so many money saving, coupon cutting blogs out there and this made yours different and more interesting. If someone doesn’t like it or agree with it, then they can move on to the next generic blog! I understand where you are coming from wanting to stop, it just makes me sad that it has come to this!

    • Thanks somewhere in MI. I’m not doing this because of reader pressure or anything of the like. I’m doing this because I feel it is my time for focusing and learning from the Lord. If I try to inspire or teach without His blessing, then I will be doing it in vain. I may still give snippets every now and then, who knows? But those will only be done when I feel lead to do so. :)

      Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate everything that has been said here.

  6. I somewhat understand this, as I left an old blog behind, with personal information, to a new blog this year which just skimmed the surface of who I was, mostly posting creative projects I’ve done, book reviews and my grocery savings. The reason: I had some nasty anonymous commentators, which, I believe, I know who they are. However, I know at my church we have been encouraged to use the Internet for good (because there’s a LOT of bad out there) and post our beliefs and let our friends, family and the world know what we believe and what we stand for. They are YOUR beliefs and this is YOUR blog. However, you must do as you see fit. Maybe create another blog that details the more spiritual side of you? Either way, hopefully you know that those that say mean things don’t truly understand what it is to be Christian. (Thank you for your site — I appreciate it.)

    • Gabby – yes, I do get a lot of discouraging comments every week, including today. It does make it very hard, and I have to draw the line somewhere in my life to limit how vulnerable I make myself on my blog.

      But, if I get inspired, don’t be surprised to see a post pop up now and then. It just won’t be every week now.

  7. The Thrifty Mama – I completely understand why you are doing this and I feel that if it is best for you then that is what you need to do. I just feel disheartened that certain readers can almost dictate what someone does with their own blog.

    Its just the world we live in.
    .-= The SoCal Mom´s last blog ..FREE Papa John’s Pizza – Camaro Owners! =-.

  8. Blessings and hugs to you! I am thankful that you are listening to the voice of the Lord and that you have thought through your decision with clarity. Good for you! You may have already thought through this, but perhaps it would serve you to turn off the comments on this post? No need to subject yourself to more negative comments.

    Love you blog! And I especially love to know that you are a believer, it makes me trust your deals even more.

  9. I am just glad to call you my friend. Do what is best for you and your family…and we are all here for you.

  10. I think you do such a great job! I totally understand the wisdom you and both MSM showed in changing this when readership got huge. Thanks for being discerning and open and honest. You are a blessing to a lot of folks.
    .-= Sarah W´s last blog ..Walgreens Highlights 8/23 – 29 =-.

  11. I’m sad to see this post go, but I’m glad that you have the courage to do what the Lord is calling you to do. It is awful to hear that you got negative comments! I’m glad you will continue prayer and spiritual support section on your forum. I’m sure that will be a blessing to many.
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Libby’s Vegetables Printable Coupon =-.

  12. Blessings to you and your family. I have enjoyed all your posts, both for the deals and the personal stuff. To be honest though, personally I would not put a lot of personal stuff on a public blog. DH had one and he was going to post stuff about dd on there and I said no way! It could put her at risk. Would you want XYZ preditor down the street (yes they are in most neighborhoods, including ours!)
    reading this stuff or neighbors having pictures of her that you don’t know? Then why put it online I told him? He got mad, but then later agreed that was best. You really don’t know who is reading your stuff when you make it accessable to the world. #2 point I asked him: Would you want dd posting personal stuff about her when she is a little older herself? I will miss your personal postings, but I really respect you for taking care of yourself and your family this way.

  13. Whoops. I think I got some of the other ladies story mixed with yours, so sorry if some comments are not correlated with your post. I have strong feelings/opionins relating to kids and blogging. I still 100% respect you for your decision. I am a Christian also. Thanks as always for your deals and insight.

  14. I am sorry to hear that you are doing away with this post. I understand that many came only to see the deals. Great. I did too, however, I came enjoy some of the other things posted about as well. You are sharing about yourself, which would mean Christ. If people do not like it, then they can simply scroll right past it. That is what I do with any post that does not apply to me. Not a big deal. I understand how frustrating this topic has become for you. I would hate to see a good thing disappear. I am sorry for the length, but this is soapbox issue for me. People have become so selfish that they expect everything to be what they want. I am sorry that several of your visitors have this attitude.

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