Update: We Are Moving!

I am so excited to inform you all that we are moving out of our tiny apartment to a nice house.  While renting a house versus renting an apartment is actually more costly, I am hoping that the benefits and decreases in costs from other areas will far out way the added rental costs.  The house we are moving to has more space, has a wood-burning stove in the living area, and its source of water is from a well.  Other thrifty bonuses for having a house instead of an apartment, will be that I can line dry our clothes and have a garden (if I can manage to have a green thumb).  As we are working towards paying off debts and saving right now, we are not yet ready to purchase a home.

So amidst the chaos of moving, there will probably be a slight decline in posting.  I will probably not be doing a lot of shopping either.  Shopping will be limited to at the moment necessities, unless there is a deal I can’t bear to pass up.   And I foresee a few days of being without the internet as we transfer our services over. I will keep you all updated on this.

And here are a few postings to come from me that you can look forward to:  Moving on a budget, and I’ll walk you guys through my attempts at starting a garden on a budget.  So far in my life I have not had even a tint of green anywhere on my thumb.  I’ve even killed Golden Pothos plants;  plants that are notorious for their hardiness and ability to thrive in the worst of circumstances.

Oh, and one more thing I am excited about in regards to moving:  There is an Aldi not more than 10 minutes away from our new home!  I can’t wait to check out that store!

So as I am in the middle of packing, I’d love to hear from you all.  What are some ways that you save time/money when you are moving?

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  1. I have never had good luck with gardening! My son loves tomatoes and eats them by the pound, so last year I purchased 2 Patio Cherry tomato plants at Wal-Mart for $2.50 each. You grow them in a pot and all you have to do is water them! We had free tomatoes all summer and my son loved the experience. This year I am going to do the patio tomato plants and I have found a patio blueberry plant and strawberries that grow in a bag that you hang. I think growing plants in pots are much easier than in the ground. This might be a good way for you to start learning to be a gardner also. I have a brown thumb, so if I can do it I think anyone can! Good luck with your new home and have fun gardening!

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  2. We’re moving over the next two-three weeks. We are buying our first house. Everything is close by… except Walgreens :{

    I am almost done packing. I have not bought any boxes. I pick them up off the curb after people move. Of course I am fortunate that we live on a military base so there is a lot of that going on. Plus I knew this was coming so I saved my larger boxes from items bought on the internet.

    Clothes can be just left in the drawers if you’re moving yourself. Truck rentals are cheaper Sun-Thu.

    For the actual moving the only things I’ve had to pay for is packing tape and of course the truck rental

    I am looking forward to putting in a garden. Though I am a bit worried about my gardening skills. We will see what happens. I also want to put in a clothes line :) I love the smell of clothes that are dried in the sun. Plus the sun is wonderful at killing germs :)

  3. Congrat! Good for you guys! No real advise except newspaper will be your best friend, and you can use it later in gardening, cleaning,etc. Or donate it to the local shelter. Ask on freecycle too, I bet you can get some boxes and other packing materials there.

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  4. Good luck with your move! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts daily, so will look forward to seeing more when you are settled.

    If you have a FreeCycle.org group in your area, it is a great source for boxes. We picked up most of our moving boxes from our local FreeCycle group. Then the almost new ones I sold afterwards on Craigs List!

  5. need free boxes??

    local restaurants usually get new shipments every morning, and especially large shipments on mondays. i work at a very small restaurant that has to break down and get rid of at least 75 boxes a week. it would be a TREAT to have someone take the boxes off of our hands so that we wouldn’t have to break them down. you should definitely ask a few local restaurants when their big shipments are and if they’d let you take their boxes. (and locally owned restaurants would be more likely to say yes than one that is corporately owed.)

    also,i started gardening for the first time two years ago, and i’ve learned a few very valuable things:
    1. buy seeds for your garden NOW and plant them in small “greenhouses” – avail for a few dollars from hardwear supply stores and already packaged with the soil you need. (usually, all of the plants you need for a medium-sized garden will fit in greenhouses that only take up one or two windowsills.) they can incubate inside for 6-10 weeks, then you can plant them when you move and they are ready for the weather. seeds are SOOOO much cheaper than plants. and you will likely be able to use the remaining seeds in each packet for a few years to come, as long as you keep them inside so they don’t freeze over the winter.
    2. you can also get coffee grinds from local a starbucks that you can sprinkle directly into your soil to cut down on the amount of fertilizer you need.
    3. laying down newspaper instead of weed paper is very effective and FREE if you raid nearby recycling bins or beg them from neighbors.
    4. and a little known fact is that tomatoes don’t like too much rain, so you can plant them in buckets on a porch or put a tarp over them if you live in a rainy area.

  6. Congratulations, Crystal. This is one step closer to the home you will someday own! Let us know how you like Aldi. 😉

  7. Hey good luck on your move! You will love having a house!

    We save so much money by line drying our clothes! You can use some of the money you save that way towards a future house! :) My husband actually built a laundry drying station in our house that we use year round, and we just love it! You can see it here

    Again, good luck, and keep us updated!

    $ Money Savin’ Momma $ @ EADFL

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  8. Congratulations!! We saved a ton of $$ by asking the produce departments at local grocery stores for boxes. Apple boxes were the best! :)

  9. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! I moved from renting an apartment to buying a house to renting a townhouse. Go figure but it was over a 20+ year span, so don’t worry. I saved by getting boxes from the liquor stores nearby as well as supermarket and the like as well. I also used co-workers and family to save on the movers. One of my moves, I gave in and called movers and it was LOVELY!! Anyhow, I also saved renting the truck by finding deals in whatever source I could and returning on time as well. I also left my clothes in drawers too. Made it so much easier. I used the blankets, some towels and comforters to wrap glass items. I even used t-shirts and other clothes to wrap and use as bubbles inside of boxes too. Best of luck to you & your family!!

  10. Yay for you guys! That is wonderful! Yay for more stockpiling storage!!!!

    We moved this past May to a place in the country. We are on a private water well and there is NOTHING better than fresh clean tasting water. You will see SUCH a difference! Next up: fresh yard eggs, as soon as our hens start to produce!

  11. I like to use egg cartons to move my fragile items in…granted they need to be small, but the cartons work great!

    Stephanie- we live out in the country too, but we don’t have great tasting water. We have A LOT of sulfer and it has to been treated. As far as hens…we’re going to start those for the first time this May…any advice?

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  12. Bagel boxes from a bagel shop are the perfect size for moving. I’ve used them several times!

    I have a black thumb inside the house, but for the past two years have followed the advise of the Square Foot Gardener – Mel Bartholomew. Check out his website or book.

    Kristi’s last blog post..Going Green – Cloth Diapers not just for Baby

  13. This is from my MIL, she did it when she helped move us like 6 times! =) Use your clean bath towels/kitchen towels/beach towels to wrap up your kitchen glass bowls/dishes/anything breakable instead of buying the bubble tape! Saves a box for towels! Congrats & God bless!

    Cris’s last blog post..Dinner Solutions ~ Chicken

  14. Hi Crystal! Congrats! When is your move in date?

    I love Aldi and used to go all of the time before couponing. It is a great place to get the basics. You do have to watch out for fatty unhealthy foods. Let us know what you think.

    I was going to make the same suggestions that others have made including freecycle for boxes or Craigslist.

    One place to ask is a liquor store like Total Wine because the boxes are small and sturdy. They are happy to give boxes away.

    I also numbered the boxes not just for location in the new house but the total boxes so I could keep track at how many boxes I had. It was great because then I knew I didn’t forget one.

    If you don’t want to do U-Haul because of the hubby’s back then look at local moving companies. You can call and get quotes. I found it to be worth every penny to have movers. Just pack everything yourself. They can move everything in a couple of hours! Plus, they give free boxes.

    Good Luck! Congrats! Holly

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  15. I am excited for you all. That is great. Our clothes line opens like a umbrella. I stick it in the ground when I need it and set it aside when I don’t. I love it. As far as gardening goes, it does not have to be fancy. Every year I get four tomatoe plants (one of them is cherry, none of those come into the house, our children eat them while playing.) we eat them all summer and when I have an abundance (* I never turn down fresh vegis when people offer them from their gardens) I peel them, cut them and freeze them in quart bags. One bag makes a pot of chili (I rip the bag to get it out and put it in the pot frozen, it takes a bit to melt but we just stur it, we like to let the chili sit for a while any way) it tastes SO much better than canned. We also put in 400 onions every year, my husband and kids love “salad” onions. VERY pricy in the store but really cheap and easy to plant and grow ourselves. We also put in a cucumber plant (I go to the local garden store and buy one in a little pot, BUT, (they are usually sold 3/$6 or something like that) I always look for one that has more than one plant growing in it. Paying for one but getting more. We put in a cherry tree, raspberries (really harty), strawberries and a pear tree. Easy to maintain and they don’t take up too much space.
    As far as moving goes, the girls have said it. DO NOT BUY BOXES. Even Walmart will let you have them. Most any where will, all you have to do is ask. We actually have never bought a moving truck. We uses pickups and trailers. It is so much less expensive AND we get to see our friends and families. The last time we moved (10/19 had our baby 10/22) two of our friends who were helping us move, their wives unpacked and put my kitchen together. It was so well done, it is still the same as what they did six years ago. Let people help, even, ask for help. Hope that helps.

  16. That is great news! Sorry not much advice…I HATED moving. ok well i was 8 months pregnant! Packing was exhausting. moving was unbearable. but we got here and that’s what matters!

    someone else said this but don’t buy boxes. Call grocery stores and ask for them; i was told i could come to walmart at night and pick up any boxes while they were loading shelves!

    Good luck with moving!

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  17. I just read a post for some free earthbound lettuce seeds to help you with your new garden! Good Luck! Check their site. :-)

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