Natural and Thrifty in 365: #121 Use a Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a great thing to keep on hand, plus it is eco-friendly. By using a handkerchief, you will create less waste and save money on tissues. Check out this handmade handkerchief tutorial on Craft Passion.

Would you ever consider using a handkerchief, or is this just too outdated of an idea?

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  1. LOL i was JUST thinking about making one..instead of always buying kleenex!! good ol’ fashion hankies as the gparents call them!

  2. I use them all the time. I started collecting them years ago. When my husband’s grandmother passed away she had so many and no one in the family wanted them. Lucky me. Now I have tons of super cool hankies.

  3. would you could you use a hankie, please do so instead of your blankie, would you could you not use your sleeve? Would you could you leave it be? Would you could you not use your arm? A homemade hankie causes you no harm…..would you could you children of mine wipe your boogies on a hankie and not whine! ok sorry you had me thinking dr. Seuss and I had to go with it LOL

  4. ROFL wow Im tired I need to get some sleep…..ask Beth (drama) she will tell you I come out with all kinds of silly when I am sleepy hahahahahaha

  5. When my kids have runny noses I use old burpcloths left over from when they were babies instead of tissues. That way we don’t have to go through so many tissues and it’s a little gentler on their noses.

  6. I put one around my kid’s neck instead of a bib and have easy access to a booger wiper slobber grabber as needed. And it makes them look like little cowboys.

    • Haha Love it! My son needs that. He likes to call his sleeve his “wiper” because it serves as both a tissue and a napkin.

  7. I use them all the time as well – and pick up vintage ones whenever I see them. Got some from my grandmother and great-grandmother, too. So much better than a kleenex!

  8. I just made some of these for my elderly father who has started having a drooling problem. The assisted living facility where he was living was getting tired of him always keeping their cloth napkins, so I made him some out of an old plaid flannel shirt. I didn’t crochet the edges though :) He’s happy because they are soft and absorbant and everyone knows they are his (instead of their napkins!).
    I think I will make some pretty ones for my mom now. thanks! :)

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