Natural and Thrifty in 365: #122 Use Bamboo

Bamboo is a material that is naturally anti-microbial, and is an awesome eco-friendly alternative for kitchen wares. I have enjoyed using bamboo cutting boards in my kitchen, and it’s just another small step I make to have a green and natural kitchen.

Do you use bamboo?

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  1. It’s on my wish list. Well, a cutting board is, anyway. I have some bowls. My son and I were talking about the bamboo flooring, and the bamboo plant inspired my bathroom paint colors! (I don’t have the green right yet, though…)

  2. I bought 2 cutting boards that were bamboo and both cracked in half within a year. I was disappointed.

  3. I do have a tendency to leave in sink so probably my fault they stayed too wet but didn’t work for me…

  4. I am hoping that I get a set of bamboo cutting boards for Christmas. It was on my wish list this year. I have a bamboo spoon that I love!

    • So do you have to wash and dry it right away, or is there any special care that a cutting board needs?

  5. I have 3 bamboo cutting boards (different sizes) and a bamboo cooking spoon set. You cannot let bamboo or wood ‘sit’. I wash and air dry immediately. Maintenance is similar to wood – periodic ‘polishing’ with food grade mineral oil. Coat heavily, and wipe down the next day.

    Two of my cutting boards were not expensive, and the biggest one was from pampered chef ($$$). There’s a quality difference, but not that important of one, IMO.

    If you have bumpiness, perhaps you can use a fine grained sandpaper to sand it down?

  6. Don’t stick in the dishwasher, wash and dry promptly and oil periodically. I have had mine for literally years and they look nearly brand new, I use them every single day.

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