Natural and Thrifty in 365: #132 Visit a Landfill for Inspiration

Sometimes it seems like doing a little here and a little there doesn’t add up to much.  It’s hard to see where one family can make a difference.  But it becomes clearer when we think about this in the negative sense.  If we all trash one water bottle every day instead of recycling it that would add up quickly.

When we get ambivalent about recycling or lax in our efforts to reduce our garbage output perhaps we should follow the garbage collection truck to the “sanitary” landfill.  The images are disturbing but maybe the smell will push us to step up our small steps.

How do you keep yourself motivated to live more green?

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  1. I remind myself of the day my 4 yr old stood holding herself dancing in the hallway because she needed to use the bathroom and mommy had just cleaned them! All those fumes and her asthmatic lungs were not a good match. I remember her saying ‘I’ll just do my inhaler! I gotta pee!” My response “you’d better go out back then, because you’re not going in there!” I had this “how absurd is this??” moment and ever since, I’ve been taking steps to rid our house of all the crud

  2. I fill my blue recycle bin up (which is the same size as our regular trash can) every week with newspapers, boxes, paper etc…Because of the size of our recycle bin it is easy to fill it up and my husband takes all of our cans and plastic in to be recyceled monthly for a little extra cash. I did use disposable diapers and never lost any sleep over that. I feel like it was a trade off, recycle all paper goods for the use of disposable diapers!

  3. Our local landfill also provides recycling inspiration because they provide a place to bring compo stables and provide compost pick up. They also recycle hazardous materials like paint and pesticides by letting people bring in partially used and labeled paint and pesticides and then people can come pick up the unused stuff for free. It’s a great way to recycle and we’ve painted a fort and a chicken coop for free that way!

  4. I love this tip. you will have a whole new way of thinking about recycling. most people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes!

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