Walgreens Clearance Finds

I had $4 in Register Rewards that were expiring yesterday, so I ran out to pick up a few things.  I did some snooping and here are some clearance finds that I saw (these may not be at all locations).  Please forgive the photos as I took them with my camera phone.


Celestial Seasonings Boxed Tea $0.95


Organic Wear Make Up (entire line) clearanced to $4.79 and and up.

I also found bags of Campfire Marshmallows for .35 cents each, and Walgreens 24 ct. Ibuprofen for $1 a box (some people report finding it for .25 cents – just do a price check).

I also saw that someone reported finding Tuf Kitchen bags (100ct.) clearanced to $2.59.  I didn’t find this deal, but I sure wish I had.

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  1. I’ve been searching every local store, but all mine are sold out of their clearance. GREAT DEALS if you can find them! A couple varieties of the Ritz Toasted chips were marked to .90 and would be free with the new Kraft Q’s.

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  2. The entire store, each time I go, has some NICE finds. You have to be willing to walk each aisle AND check the clearance end caps too. I agree, nice pics for a camera phone!!

  3. Great Deals Mama. Just wanted to mention that my WAGS lets me use the RRs even after they expired. I even found one from December the other day and they didn’t blink an eye!! lol

  4. I found Peter Pan peanut butter clearanced .84 cents today!

  5. Has anyone heard of Jewel Osco allowing the use of Walgreen’s RR? I have a friend in the Chicago area that says they use them in their Jewel. I saw one post on another website that a lady got them to work in the self checkout, but was too nervous to use them with the cashier. =)

  6. My Walgreen’s has Cutter brand insect repellent clearanced to $1.59. And there was some online coupons for $2 off a while back.

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