Walgreens Deals 3/1-3/7

Here are the best of Walgreens deals with special thanks to Mercedes for her help in compiling them.  Check out her new Stockpiling Series HERE, where she is doing an awesome job getting you started with how to stockpile.
View the ad courtesy of Hot Coupon World HERE.

MIR – Mail in Rebate
WAGS – Walgreens
WYB – When You Buy
ES – Easy Saver (Monthly Wags Catalog with coupons and Rebate info.)
ESR – Easy Saver Rebate
B1G1- Buy One Get One Free
FAR – Free After Rebate
Q – Coupon
RR – Register Rewards
MFR – Manufacturer
YMMV – Your mileage (or manager) may vary

Monthly Free After Easy Saver Rebates

Advanced Memory Formula 45 ct soft gels $19.99, FAR up to $19.99
= FREE after Rebate

Axe Hair Care $5.99, FAR up to $5.99

= FREE after Rebate

Wal-Zyr 24 hr allergy relief 5ct $3.99, FAR up to $3.99

= FREE after Rebate

Extra Strength Headache Relief 20ct gel, Walgreens $2.99, FAR up to $2.99
= FREE after Rebate

Weekly Deals

Campbells Soups 3/$3 after in ad coupon
-$1/2 printable HERE coupon
=$0.50 each after coupon!

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4 oz. (priced around $2.99-$3.49)
-$2.50/1 coupon from Easysaver Catalog
-$1/1 from 2/22 SS (stack both coupons together)
=FREE plus possible overage after coupons!

Nabisco Ritz Crackers 4-8 oz on sale buy one get one or 2/$1.99
– $2/2 coupon from 1/25 SS
= FREE after coupon!

Nivea Lip Balm $2.99
-$1/1 in-ad coupon
-$1/1 coupon from 2/8 RP
=$0.99 each after coupons!

Fiber One Bars $1.99
-$1.35/1 Printable HERE
= $0.64 after coupon!

Reach Toothbrush $0.99 after in-ad coupon
-$1/1 coupon from 2/8 Red Plum (RP) insert
= FREE after coupons


Reach Toothbrushes .99
-$2.50/3 Coupon in the Diabetes booklet found in the back of the store
=.47 cents for 3 after coupon!  Thanks Polly!

Revlon Emery Boards (priced around $1.59)
-$1/1 coupon from Easysaver catalog
-$1/1 coupon from 2/8 RP  (stack both coupons together)
=FREE after coupons!

Revlon Matte Eye Shadow 2/$4.99

-$2/1 coupon from 2/8 RP insert
=$0.99 for two after coupons!

Sambucol (priced around $12.99)
-$10/1 coupon from Easy saver catalog
-$4/1 Printable HERE (stack both coupons together)
=FREE after coupons!

Walgreens Brand Jumbo Pack Diapers or Training Pants 2/$9
=$4.50 a pack

Register Reward (RR) Deals

Colgate Toothpaste Max Fresh or Max White $3.49, Earn $3.49 in Register Rewards
-$1/1 coupon from 2/22 SS
= FREE plus $1 in overage after coupon and RR!

Blink Tears Eye Drops 0.33-0.5 oz $7.99, Earn $7.99 in Register Rewards
-$1.50/1 printable HERE
= FREE plus $1.50 in overage after coupon and RR!

Dove Bar Soaps $1.59, Buy 8 Earn $10 RR
-.99 each with in-ad coupon
=$7.92 OOP, Earn $10 RR
=FREE + overage after in-ad coupon and RR! (thanks to the anonymous email!)

Buy $25 in Johnson and Johnson Products, Earn $10 RR
Buy 8 Baby lotions or baby oil (14-15 oz) @ $3.36 ea = $26.88
Use any of the following coupons to take a $1 off of each item:
-$2/2 Printable HERE
-$3/3 Printable HERE
-$1/1 Printables HERE and HERE
-$1/1 from the 1/4 inserts
Then also use the $1/1 Walgreens Coloring Book Coupon (takes off $8 wyb 8)
=$10.88 OOP, Earn $10 RR  or just .88 for 8 bottles!   Thanks Hip2Save!

Vaseline Intensive Care Rescue Lotion $2.69 (25% off Reg Price $3.59), Earn $2 in Register Rewards
-$1/1 coupon from 1/18 RP
= FREE plus $0.31 in overage after coupon and RR!


Did you find any awesome deals? Please share!

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  1. Question about Registar Rewards. I have 4 coupons for the Vaseline lotion. Can i do them all in one transaction or do I need to separate them? Also here in Atlanta we have 1.50 coupons for the vaseline.

  2. Hey jenny, the RRs will only print once per transaction, so you’ll have to do 4 seprate transactions to get 4 bottles free. Hope that helps!

    Crystal, thanks for getting these up! I’m hoping to make one more wags trip before the baby comes!

    Kory’s last blog post..Thursday 2/26

  3. I have been buying these free stuff and donating them, if I don’t need. In this economy, I’m thinking on making some extra money by selling these free products. Can anyone suggest any ideas?

  4. Tani, I saw a comment the other day by a gentleman in Illinois. He said he stocks up all year on tons of free stuff and makes thousands by having a large garage sale every year.

  5. I tried to do the blink soulution in 2 transactions and still only got 1 rr. anyone have any suggestions?

  6. The reach toothbrushes are on sale in ad for .99 and the Diabetes book in the back has a bunch of reach coupons. You can do a limit of 3 with the 2.50 off 3 coupon and get 3 toothbrushes for .49

  7. johnsons and johnsons
    buy $25, get 10 RR
    use q’s and walgreens q n coloring book..
    makes for a good deal

  8. Thanks!
    went to two stores today and no reach toothbrushes!
    Polly – the 2.50 coupo in the diabetes book specified 1 toothbrush, 1 floss and 1 mouth wash, so be careful with that one.
    I found a ‘try me free’ shampoo – esencia by Samy! One with natural ingredients and such, so I’m happy ;D

  9. i did the J&J deal today..wanted to let u know..i bought 3 lotions @ $3.36(=$10.08), 3 oils and 2 powders @$3.21(=$16.05)..total was $26.13..gave $8 in manufacture Q’s and one walgreens Q from the coloring book which took off $6( should have taken off $8, but maybe limit was 6?)..anyways i paid $12.13 plus tax..got back $10 in RR, so final cost $2.13 plus tax for 8 J&J products..not bad..i had to use candy as fillers so the register wouldnt beep. hope this helps someone who has babies like me:)

  10. I tried to get the toothbrush and the Ritz Crackers today. The toothbrushes, of course, were sold out, and I got a raincheck. The Ritz Crackers wouldn’t work because they said they rung up for $1.99, and my coupon was for $2.00. No one would even try to make it work for me! I even had another item in case it wouldn’t work with an overage. I also realized that even if they did have the toothbrushes I would have run into the same problem with the coupon being 1 cent over the cost of the toothbrush. Does anyone think it would work at another Walgreens? I was very frustrated at my wasted trip!

  11. I went to Walgreens yesterday purchase Sambucol cold&Flu)onsae for 12.99. I used 10.00off coupon in ES book and 4.00 off coup from ambocol website. Cashier told me could not use 4.00 off due t o overage on price I called manager up he also said I could not use 4.00 coup he had me call corp office who then called store manager who was walking around the store the whole time. Store manager finally keyed 4.00 coup as 2.99 so item was free but took a good 25 mins to purchase this 1 item.

  12. ok, did my 1st walgreens attempt tonight and I failed miserably…. I purchased 10 of the dove soap bars and I got no RR, any reason why? I asked them the other day about a card and they said they don’t have one… how do you get the RR’s…?? Did I not get it because I bought 10 and not 8?

  13. I think that Wags has a lag in their system. Today, I purchased the Colgate, Blink drops, Vaseline lotion and Sunsilk. Not one of the RR printed and the manager had to run them all by hand. Wonder if that is what is happening with the Dove deal.

  14. If you want to do the Dove deal, but your store is out of the bars with the ad Q, try 8 of the trial bars. They are only 99c to begin with, no Q needed. My sister works at a WAGS and tried it and the RRs printed for her!

  15. Just wondering about the Dove deal…I didn’t see in the ad anywhere that it would print RRs. Did I just miss it? I’m just trying figure out what to say/do if I try the deal and no RRs print! Thanks!

  16. I thought that the Dove deal doesn’t happen until 3/08 or 3/15? I saw the ad on HCW, does anyone know anything about it?

  17. I was able to get a container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes free w/the purchase of 2 bottles of Clorox bleach (2/$3 coupon) by also using a coupon that I downloaded from this site: http://www.cloroxclassrooms.com/
    Under the “Parents” tab.

  18. The Dove deal must be a March RR offer, not just a weekly one. The only way to prove it to a manager is if there are RR tags on the shelves in front of the Dove stuff (I haven’t seen those at my store), but those surely won’t be in front of the travel size stuff.

  19. Another moneymaker I tried, thanks to a note on iheartwags, is the Childrens Pepto chewables that are on clearance for $1.39. Buy 2, get $3 RRs (you only earn 19c), but if you can buy 3, you earn $8 RRs so you would make over $3. My store only had two watermelon flavor on clearance and the RR tag was hanging in front of the bubble gum which are full-price at $5.49. I bought the two clearance ones to make sure the RRs would print and they did, the note on iheartwags says they might have cherry flavor on clearance too.

  20. Ok, so I went tonight and the dove deal worked just fine, I bought 8 of the trial size (at my store they were $1.19) and the $10 RRs printed.

    My question is actually on the Johnsons deal… i bought $25 worth, but it was a mixed group because of the selection left on the shelf, the wags coloring book Q only took $4 off (It is only for specific items and only 4 of the ones I got counted) and my RRs didn’t print, which I am guessing is because the ad says the 15oz and not all the items I bought were 15oz… I’ll try it again tomorrow and let you guys know how it goes…

    Kory’s last blog post..Free Money!!

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