Walgreens Deals 8/1 – 8/7

Here are the best deals at Walgreens this week, with special thanks to Common Sense with Money for helping with them!

New to coupons and shopping at Walgreens? Check out my FAQ page here.

Back to School Deals

10 pack Penway #2 pencils $0.09

6 pack Paper Mate highliters $0.19

Sharpie markers 2/$1 after in ad coupon

School box $0.59 after in-ad coupon

Crayola Washable Markers 8ct classics or 20ct super tips $3
– Mail in Rebate (MIR) of $3 (I am assuming it prints at the register)
= FREE after MIR

Crayola Crayons 24ct $1, Earn a $1 RR
= FREE after RR

Penway subject notebook of index cards $0.29

Coupon Deals

Nutrigrain bars 2/$5
-$0.75/1 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars 7/11/10 RP
=$1.75 each after coupon

Children’s Advil $6.99
-$2/1 in ad coupon AND
-$1/1 Advil Children’s or Infant’s 6/13/10 RP  or $1/1 printable
= $3.99 each after coupons

Rembrandt products $7.99
-$3/1 in ad coupon AND
-$2/1 Rembrandt Whitening Mouthwash or Toothpaste 1/3/10 RP #2 Insert or $1/1 printable
= as little as $2.99 each after coupons

Register Rewards Deals

Complete Multipurpose Solution 12oz $7.99, Earn an $8 RR
= FREE after RR

Alive Energy Multivitamins 50ct (men or women’s) $5, Earn a $5 RR
= FREE after RR

Tide or Gain Detergent 24-40 ct $5.99, Earn a $1 RR
– $1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent 8/1/10 P&G
=$3.99 after coupon and RR

Buy $20 in participating Nestle products and get back $5 RR
-$1.50/1 Boost Nutritional 6/6/10 RP
$0.75/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer
$0.75/1 Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder, 15 oz+
-$0.50/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer 5/2/10 SS
-$1/5 Lean Cuisine 5/2/10 SS
-$1/2 Lean Cuisine Product Aug 2010 All You Magazine

Buy $10 in Hershey’s products and get back $5 RR

Sonicare Essence Toothbrush $59.99, Earn a $10 RR
-$10/1 Philips Sonicare Product 8/1/10 SS  or
$10/1 Philips Sonicare Jun 2010 All You Magazine (exp 7/31/2010)
=$39.99 after coupon and RR

Zegerid OTC 42ct $24.99, Earn a $5 RR
-$5/1 Zegerid OTC 42 count only 07/18/10 ss
=$14.99 after coupon and RR

Buy two select Kelloggs cereal 2/$5, Earn a $2 RR
$1/1 Kellogg’s FiberPlus Cereal, 11.5oz + (if included)
-assorted $1.50/2 Kellogg’s Cereals
-$1/1 Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal 6/27/10 RP (if included)
=as low as $1 for two boxes after coupons and RR

Let us know if you find any other great deals at Walgreens this week!

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  1. I’m new to Walgreens RR system. This week I’d love to stock up on crayola crayons and markers. How do I purchase mulitple packs of crayons and still get the RR for each pack? Can I buy in one large transaction, let say 3 packs and get $3 in RR? Or do I need to only buy one pack per transaction? Also, if I purchased 6 packs of crayons can I purchase 2 packs of markers, using the RR from the crayons in one transaction and still get 2 mail in rebates? Thanks for your help in navigating the unfamiliar Walgreen waters.

    • Hi, Allyson,

      You cannot buy multiple quantities in the same transaction. So in your example, you need to have the cashier run up your purchases three times (one pack each time), and then you will get $1 RR each time. You also cannot use the RR towards another identical purchase (e.g., you cannot use the first RR on the second pack purchase) otherwise the second RR will not print. But you can use the RR on a different item. So if you get $1 RR on the crayon, you can use the $1 RR on the Alive vitamin and still get the $10 RR printed. You can use the $1 RR on the marker because they are different items (and it’s a mail-in rebate, not an RR anyway). The mail-in rebate didn’t say limit one per person/household but it says duplicate submission will not be accepted. So I wouldn’t bet on getting 2. But if you must buy 2 packs anyway, you could try and see what happens.

      Each store has a different policy. Some store will not allow you to purchase multiple quantities on multiple transactions. So just go back again in half an hour or on a later day. They can’t possibly remember you.

    • Oh and I forgot to address another issue. Some Walgreens only allow the same number of coupons/RRs with the same number of items. So in your example, say you purchased 3 packs of crayons in 3 different transactions and got $3 in total RRs. Your fourth transaction (with the markers) must have 2 “fillers” (e.g., small items like a $0.39 candy) to make up the total number of items “3”, before you can use three $1 RR. It’s not worth it in your case, since you will be “losing” almost $1 just to buy the filler items.

      I much prefer CVS because the Walgreens RR is so much harder to use and they expire in 2 weeks (versus CVS ECB has one month expiration). But sometimes they are worth the hassle.

  2. In my area (Fairfax VA), the Alive vitamin is $10 with $10 RR.

    And yes, the mail-in rebate form prints out (just like an RR) after you buy the item. It does NOT say one per household or per person but it says duplicate submissions not allowed. Not sure if that means we can get multiple or not.

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