Walgreens: Free Classic Photo Book

Get a free Classic Photo Book at Walgreens when you use coupon code FAVORITEBOOK2 at check out.  This coupon code expires Thursday, February 17, 2011.  You should be able to pick this up in-store and get free shipping. Let us know how it works out for you!

Thanks Savings Lifestyle!

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  1. you can not pick it up at the store, or thats what they told me, but shipping is onlu $6.99 for standard shipping and 2 day is $8.99, overnight is $17.99..hope this helps.

  2. how do you get it to go to the classic linen? It auto made mine in leather and it won’t show me how to change it

  3. Woo Hoo! Thanks! :) Got a 20 pages photo book for only $7.48 shipped! Ellen- there should be a arrow next to it to change it to the linen cover from the leather.

  4. I think my internet browser is so old that I don’t see the tab they talk about . I’d already built my entire book and it gave me an error on the coupon code to use linen. I didn’t setup with linen b/c I didn’t realize that was part of the deal.

  5. I just called a VERY helpful customer service and got the design cover changed to linen and ordered. I hate that I couldn’t have it printed in the store to save on shipping but 7.53 for a book is a GREAT price! Thanks Thrifty Mama!!

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