Walmart: Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers $5.97/Pack, and $6.95 Plaskool Sit n’ Spin!


Go HERE to print a $3 Huggies Pure & Natural Coupon.  These are priced at $8.97 at Walmart, so they would end up being $5.97 a pack!  These diapers made with organic cotton.  Their not better than doing cloth (in my humble opinion), but they are definitely better than the regular diapers.

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!


Also, the Playskool Sit n’ Spin is $16.95 at Walmart.  Use the $10 coupon HERE, and get this for only $6.95!  What a great little gift for a child!  And the price is definitely up my alley.

Thanks Thrifty and Chic Mom!

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  1. Food Lion has the Huggies Pure and Natural on clearance for 6.97. With the 3.00 coupon they would be 3.97!!!

  2. Michelle, (and others)
    If your Walmart doesn’t have the Sit and Spin for a good price, remember that Target has it on sale for 20.00, so it would only be 10 after the coupon. My Target was sold out (got a raincheck) but I’m going to check my Walmart’s price before going back to purchase it at Target.

  3. I also got an ok diaper deal on (check it out here hopefully I can post this link :) ). I got some Luvs for the same price as the diapers above. They also went towards my “spend $50 get $10 back” so I’ll save a bit more. I only buy them to supplement my cloth so I never really know when I’m going to run out.

  4. I’m a cloth diaper user also, but have recently started using these Huggies for those times when a disposable is necessary (traveling, etc.) I’ve tried Nature’s Baby Care, Tushie’s, and 7th generation…curious what ones you may have tried and which of the “green” diapers also seem to work the best??

  5. The coupon is for the Musical Sit and Spin which was $24.95 at my Walmart also. Maybe there is a version without music that is cheaper??

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