15 Ways to Use Homemade Vanilla

If you made vanilla extract for the holidays, hopefully you kept a little for yourself.  We’ve compiled a great list of 15 ways to use homemade vanilla extract.  Which will you try first?

Beverage Recipes

Morning Breakfast Drink - Packed with protein and good carbs, what a great way to start your day!


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie - Five ingredients that blend together to create a flavor sensation.  Not just for autumn, but for anytime you need a boost of flavor and nutrition.


Breakfast Recipes

Apple and Oats Breakfast Pudding - This easy breakfast goes from the stove to the oven and bakes to a delicious perfect consistency.  Use some of those apples you froze last fall.


Date Nut Bread - Dates and almonds join forces to start you with a completely satisfying breakfast with carbs and protein to power your day.  Oh, and don’t forget totally delicious!


Pumpkin Pie Raisin Muffins - This recipe makes 2 dozen muffins perfect for a wholesome breakfast and a quick snack.


Buttermilk Quick Bread Recipe and 6 Delicious Variations Main

Spiced Apple Bread (Scroll Down for this Variation) – One of many variations for this simple and delicious quick bread.  I’m all about the buttermilk, baby.


Whole Grain Muffins - This basic recipe can be used as a basis for so many variations from chocolate, to banana, to apples and cinnamon.  Toss in your favorite ingredients and have a hearty breakfast in no time.


Homemade Whole Grain Pancake Squares Recipe Main

Whole Grain Pancake Squares - Breakfast for a crowd in 30 minutes.  And it tastes amazing!


Dessert Recipes

Banana Cupcakes - Save these banana delicacies for a special birthday celebration.  Sweetness!


Bread Pudding - Don’t throw out your day old bread.  Give stale bread new life with this recipe.


Crock Pot Sweet Potato Pie Filling - This easy recipe fills four pies.  Perfect ratio – one for you and three for me!


Homemade Cool Whip - Perfect for topping your pumpkin pie or hot chocolate.


Whole Grain Rice Pudding - Try this easy stove-top dessert that feeds serves 6 – 7.  Creamy and warm on a cold winter’s night.


Other Recipes

Homemade Playdough Recipe Main Image

Homemade Vanilla Play Dough - The vanilla makes a relaxing and sweet smelling dough your children will love.  Get down there and play.  You know you want to.


Last Minute Handmade Gifts Scrumptious Sugar Scrub Main

Scrumptious Sugar Scrub - Skip the spa day and make this sugar scrub that anyone will love.  Perfect last-minute gift idea, too.

What are your favorite ways to use homemade vanilla?  Please share your recipes and ideas in the comments.

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