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Each week on Wednesday, I spotlight a website that I think is worthy, and give you a little review of it.

In the spotlight for January 7, 2009 is

I’ve been a Beta Tester for this site for a little less than a year now and I love it! Now that Beta testing is over, anyone can join!

Do away with cable costs, and watch all your favorite shows from the convenience of your computer screen for FREE! I can watch all of the Stargate Atlantis and Saturday Night Live episodes from the same site. Not that I watch these shows, *achem*. And you can also watch many different movies as well.

The reason I like this site so much is because it is legitimate. The site shows the episodes with permission from the stations, and is able to stay up by having limited commercials. You know what else I love? Most of the shows are shown in HD! Being that my computer monitor is nicer than my dinosaur of a TV, I get to see all my favorite episodes in the beauty of HD technology.

Skip the cable, skip the millions of commercials, skip being limited to watching your shows at a certain time and watch your shows with Hulu!

I am not paid for these posts. Do you have a site you want to nominate to be Wednesday’s Website? Send me an email and tell me why you want that site to be spotlighted. thethriftymama @ (remove spaces).

  1. Hulu was good for things I’ve watched but at that time, the database was limited. So going back to watch something later on was not an option. Like Jay Leno episodes. Not that I watch him or anything, I’m just sayin’…

  2. Interesting! I have never heard of this site amp; am excited to check it out. The hubby will like that most shows are offered in HD too. Thanks for the link

  3. We got rid of most of our cable…we have basic which gets us our local tv and a few public channels–we live in the hills of wv and there is not much available for free tv wise. But once we discovered all the internet has to offer it was amazing!There is alsoBR/ BR/ always check the networks, nbc, wetv, usa, etc. Almost all of them offer full episodes. BR/BR/We also hooked a computer up to our huge 52 inch tv(a gift) and we have a wireless we watch ours on our tv…not the laptop.

  4. My husband just discovered Hulu. We are enjoying Simon and Simon, I Dream of Jeannie, and Miami Vice. The TV hasn’t been on in months.

  5. My kids love this site for Pokemon, Astroboy, and Bakugan shows. We don’t have cable but they don’t care because they can watch it on Hulu. I use it when I miss an episode of my fav network shows since my DVD/VCR doesn’t record.BR/-Kattmaxx

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